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May 4, 2016
Hotch is arrested by a SWAT team and suspected of conspiracy; when the team members scramble to prove Hotch's innocence, they discover a larger plot may be on the horizon.
Season Finale
May 4, 2016
Season Finale
Hotch is arrested by a SWAT team and suspected of conspiracy; when the team members scramble to prove Hotch's innocence, they discover a larger plot may be on the horizon.
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by Lucy
Aug 9, 2016 12:28PM EDT

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The show continues to be on the same glorious form as season 10′s much needed revival. Lots of great episodes and arcs this season, as well as some heartbreaking reunions and departures.

Series 11 is interesting in that it has several, quite well developed story arcs right from the start of the season. Instead of following one and coming back to it every few episodes, this time all the arcs are interlinked and it really gave the season a fuller feel and better pacing overall.

The season opener introduces the “dirty dozen” and a ring of darknet hit men, which starts off a story arc about finding these 4 assassins, Penelope being put into witness protection, Morgan put on the radar of a notorious criminal and Lewis has even more reason to study serial killers in prison - all these plot points link so well!

Lewis was a decent new addition to the team, a forensic psychologist is an angle the show hasn’t really covered before and an obvious one too! She was useful in some respects as her knowledge of criminals and their motivations helped during some cases, but as her character was only reoccurring, she wasn’t really fleshed out as well as she could have been - her only moment of back story came from a failed engagement which wasn’t really relevant or interesting. Still, I hope she pops up from time to time in the CM universe as her insight into criminals and forensic psychology are definitely a team asset.

Rossi has plenty of family related story lines this season, he continues to bond with his daughter and her family, as well as reconnecting with his second wife in some emotional scenes. Hotch and JJ also got some family/time with their children - it’s cute to see their kids literally grow up on screen. Also there was a welcome (if brief) return of JJ’s husband Will who we haven’t seen for many seasons! More past cast members need to return to this show, it definitely adds to the family team feeling.

But season 11 really belongs to Derek Morgan, right from 11x01, he’s been at the forefront of the action, helping take down unsubs and getting caught up in a sinister kidnapping and torture, taking him away from everything he knows. It was great to have several Morgan plot lines that didn’t revolve around his childhood abuse/his role in the team. His relationship with Savannah/ marriage/ baby was a lovely contrast to all the dark and troubling things he was facing in the BAU. Although the episodes where Morgan was tortured where inaccurate in places, they certainly packed an emotional punch and I was certainly on the edge of my seat the entire time through “Derek” and “A Beautiful Disaster” (Also naming his son Hank SPENCER Morgan made me tear up so much goddammit feelings!)

Spencer Reid also gets a fair amount of screen time with his role in the take down of the darknet hit men and his close relationship with Morgan is definitely highlighted in “A Beautiful Disaster”. I shall miss his and Morgan’s relationship and brotherly bond so much, it truly is one of the cornerstones of the show.

Another show cornerstone is the interesting cases the team crack. Several cases this series ran, or reappeared, over a number of episodes. The complexity of the cases too were, although bordering along unrealistic at times, managing to be succinct and interesting studies of criminal behaviour. The series finale was a good culmination of Lewis’s forensic background, the darknet hit-men plot line and Hotch’s insight into the team/cases.

Leaving the season on a cliffhanger was a tease and sometime which the show hasn’t done for a fair few years (6 I think?!) which showed the show is still not afraid to make bold plot choices and definitely keeps the formula somewhat fresh.

I eagerly await the resolution of the cliffhanger in a few weeks time and the addition of a new team member as well as several appearances from fan favourite Prentiss! Hopefully it can still rustle up some intriguing story arcs to keep the series going just a little bit longer.


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