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The best crime show

Well there are lots of crime shows on t.v so what are your top 3? Mine are : 1-Castle (I can't wait for the new episode) 2-The mentalist ( I love Jane's sense of humour) 3-Criminal minds ( I like hotch he's so cool) Can't wait to read your choices!

tv shows

just looked at my playlist and it seems empty when do all the shows come back i miss law and order svu and criminal minds and csi is it because of the olympics that i have to miss my shows

Dr Jekyll?

Anyone have any thoughts on who it might be? (potential spoiler) Anyone else think it might be v v v v v v v v v v Dr Raymond Langston?

Are the names of these songs classified or something?

Grrrrr! I went through all this nonsense to sign up here because I wanted to find out the name of a song played on tonights episode, and then when I FINALLY got to where I could click on playlist guess what? THAT'S NOT WHAT TELLS ME THE MUSIC ON THE EP! Why can't they do like other shows and A- include the name of the song and artist in the closed captioning and/or 2 - Do a blurb at the end of the show telling what songs were featured in that nights ep? It is SO annoying!


is there some reason why they did a csi trilogy i would have thought that all 3 shows were good enough on there own not to have to do something special for the november sweeps

Fav Detectives: Nominate your Favorite TV Detectives! - Featured

Nominations are now closed. Come join in the voting round to determine the top dog TV detective on SideReel: Fav Detectives: Vote for your Favorite TV Detectives! Our very favorite USA Network detectives return this Friday, August 7th as Psych kicks off its 4th season, and Monk begins its 8th and final season! As these mysterious and fun new seasons start up, we want to know if Adrian Monk, Shawn Spencer, Burton 'Gus' Guster, or another TV detective holds the high honor of SideReel's very favorite TV detective. Do you prefer the silliness of Psych's beloved duo, the endearing neurosis of Monk's genius, the spunky, quirkiness of Veronica Mars, or maybe the seriousness of CSI: Miami 's Horatio Caine? Nominate your favorite TV detectives from classic to current, and choose as many as you like! Also, feel free to mention a detective already nominated by another Reeler as after this nominations round, we'll choose the top 10 nominated detectives to have a face-off for the title of SideReel's very favorite detective!

What is the best crime drama?

I have never really watched detective/murder dramas as they have never really captured my interest. However i have decided that maybe i had been too quick to dismiss them. Which Crime/detective/murder dramas do people recommend?

wat exactly

m a little bit confused as to wat role riley- the pessimist is supposed to be playing in this show. she doesn't do anything exciting or much apart 4rm being a smarty pants and annoying every1 including and especially me. if d writers don't hv anything definite 4 her, m suggesting they kill her off asap. wat do u guys think.

CSI - First Star Trek, now 28 Days.....

CSI continues its paroday-ing (if that's a word!) of popular culture with the latest episode, the Gone Dead Train...... A couple of weeks back, CSI NY tackled Star Trek and did a playful send up. This week, CSI is playing with 28 Days (sort-of) in its storyline. Where is it all leading? If they've done Scit-fi and now horror, what genre could Miami tackle? Suggestions please.....