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CSI Season 13 Review “Wild Flowers” – Rave On

I’m not sure if the  CSI  writers are old or I am, but do people still go to raves? This week’s episode, "Wild Flowers," started with the murder of a young, abused girl at a wild desert party that looked just like the one they filmed in 2000, except with smart phones. So, again, I’m not sure who’s behind here, but if raves are still a thing, shouldn’t they start to make their way out? Morgan in particular had a tough time dealing with the murder, especially when the dead girl’s sister was found, still alive, but with her tongue cut out. I thought it was going to be Sara getting too emotionally involved, but Morgan connected with the silent victim and even shared a surprising confession with her in a bid to get her to open up about her abuser. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/10/18/csi-season-13-review-wild-flowers-rave-on/