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Theory : Desperate's Wisteria Lane Is On Lost's Island

In my last post , I joked about Wisteria Lane being just an earthquake away from being on The Island, because of all the freak occurrences. But this got me thinking. Wisteria Lane might actually be a part of The Island and this is why : Freaky nature : Like I said earlier, both shows have had some weird natural, um, events. ABC : Both the shows are on the same network. Now I know this might not prove anything but both shows had their pilots on air in the same year, 2004. Actually Lost was on in September and Desperate in October. Just a month ! The future : Both shows have leaped to the future. If the shows are linked, an explanation for both shows going to the future, could be that they wanted to keep both in sync. The Mystery : Name two.............read the full story HERE

Is It True???? :( plz comment

i have heard that mike is going to die ......... plz dun do this i love Mike and Susan. :'(

Desperate housewives fire ???

If Dave HAS come to Fairview because of Mike and Susan, because they killed his wife and kid in the car crash, mabye the person/people that die in the fire is one or both of susans kids, Mj and/or Julie. because Dana Delany has said that one of each gender dies. Like it would be Dave getting his own back for killing his Daughter . what does everyone eles


So ive been thinking over the last few weeks that Dave was the husband and father of the woman and child susan and mike killed in the car accident. Or am I miles of base? What do you guys think?

What is up with Dave?

What is Dave's problem? And who made him leave Wisteria Lane? Can't wait for episode 6!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Weeks Episode RELEASED: not really.

Yet another day in which i come onto sidereel and my news feed is flooded with the supposed early release of every episode of every current show I watch and I ask myself is there nothing that can be done? I understand that reviewing all the posts would be an incredibly large task and that the users are just creating more spam accounts but this is getting a little bit out of hand, I have marked countless users posts as "inappropriate" but how can we stop this from happening in the first place? If anyone has any ideas then post them below, or if you think I am being unreasonable then feel free to comment on that too

whats up with gabby's kids

i really don't get why the directors of the show .. casted obese children to play gabrielle's kids .. i personally think that was a bad idea..... since gabrielle is a beautiful woman .. i was looking forward to seeing some pretty children .. not some RHINO!!

Who loves the twins and who reckons Mike and Susan will get back together??

I love the twins and i reckon Mike will definitely be in Susans life someday. The twins are definitely a great addition to the series

DHW season 5 : what happened to Mike?

i just did not get it? weren't they married he and Susan?

DH Season 5 Sneak Peek

Hey Folks... I just updated my blog about DH Season 5.. There is video there..sneak Peek to season 5 and also a brief summary about the episodes in season 5.. Enjoy that.. Desperate Housewives Season 5 Sneak Peek