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All's (Peter) Weller on Dexter

The riveting actor, best known  as the invulnerable RoboCop, has brilliantly hit the skids as Stan Liddy, a corrupt Miami PD officer who gets busted by Internal Affairs. Moonlighting as a PI, he sets his sights on Michael C. Hall's serial killer. He could be Dexter's most ruthless rival since John Lithgow's Trinity Killer. Despite his revelatory performance in David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch , Weller hungered for meaty big-screen parts in the '90s. Since making the leap to TV-series work nearly 10 years ago with  Odyssey 5 , he's moved beyond the sci-fi genre with memorable roles on  24  and  Monk  as well as a guest gig on Fringe . Hope  Dexter  helps reinvents him as an edgy cable character actor — Buckaroo Banzai could be a great addition to, say,  Breaking Bad . Do you find Peter Weller's performance on  Dexter  arresting? Source Here

A Burning Question About Dexter

All series have a shelf life. So do their characters and plotlines. While they may start hot, storylines can just as quickly paint a good show into a bad corner, or completely change it around. (And I don’t just mean "When will Character A and Character B get together?" That’s the least of my worries.) Here an elements from Dexter that is just aching for resolution. Is  Dexter ‘s Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) ever going to discover that her brother is a serial killer? What do you think, fans? How would you like to see this question answered? Are there any other serial elements that have you waiting on pins and needles for their conclusions? Chat about it below. To Read More Click Here.

Guitar tune

Yo at the point Dexter says "right now Chino is the highest point in Florida", a cool guitar tune kicks in. It was in last weeks episode as well and it sounds familiar. What is it?

Possible dexter season idea for next season.

Now they have made it clear that this year they will not introduce a major serial killer. Okay cool. After last season that's a good idea, but what if Dexter falls in love , well love for Dexter anyway, with a female serial killer. One that is not only much smarter than Trinity and Dexter, but one who is a renowened psychlogist that the FBI uses for serial killer profiles. Imagine Dexter's shock when he finds out the killer he's been trying to find is the one he's moved in with and that her connections are to law enforcement are better and she's a thousand times smarter. What if when she finds out that he knows she tells him I know your the bay harbor butcher and it's your job to make sure those stupid police officers catch me before to much of my art ends up around town. Good luck convincing them your smarter than me. Just a thought. What do you think?

Who is the cleverest television character?

To be honest we have had the most evil character on television debate, but what i have been deliberating about for a while is who is the cleverest? Now there are some strong candidates, to name a few; Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory), Temperance Brennan and Zack Addy (Bones), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Gregory House (House), Michael Scofield (Prison Break), Marshall Flinkman (Alias) and obviously there are more, but I was just wondering if anyone there could be clarification on the subject? Who do you think?

Oh The Finale Broke my heart, Groan, It really did!

Oh Man, This was the saddest event to happen on the show till date! When Dexter killed his brother, I felt a pinch of sadness, but killing Rita and the way it was done, broke my heart and I felt so bad for Dexter! Groan! To be honest, I really dislike his sister, whats her name. The way she meddles into everything and does the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again - I cant believe she can be a Cop, someone with a decision making capacity cant be anything. If they had killed her I would have been more than happy. But with Rita, Dexter felt something - I know she was a bit nagging and stuff, and I wasnt exactly in love with the character, but I liked her because she made Dexter FEEL! S she didnt know what Dexter does or why he is always away. She wanted him to be around , which is a reasonable feeling from a wifes point of view especially with a traumatic past like Rita's. And now, what about the kids, how will Dexter manage now. He already had issues dealing with kids, but with the loss of their mother, what would the kids do. First they lose their father and now Rita - Damn, that was a very bad move writers - very bad indeed! I am sure, sometime later during the season, they would bring in another female charater, to fill in Rita's shoes somehow, but she was there from 4 seasons, who can really get to that level, I think no one.....Its sad, way too sad for me! If any of you guys watch Criminal Minds, when Agent Hotchner lost his Wife, we felt bad a bit really as she was rarely a part of the series, but Rita was a the root character, without her there is always going to be a void. I hope Dexter, gets to his senses and listens to Harry more often, and becomes ruthless. If only he had killed Trinity in the forest, like Harry insisted, nothing like this would have happened! This is a tragedy, which I can never level with!

Why Dexter saved itself from being its own victim.

This post contains spoilers of Dexter's fourth season. When the third season of Showtime's hit drama Dexter began in the Fall of 2008, it had already reached its peak. This is not good for any television show to have reached its peak by the end of the second season. The second season concluded with anti-hero Dexter Morgan (Six Feet Under's Michael C. Hall) eluding capture by the authorities and murdering the only living person who knew his true identity as Miami's most dangerous serial-killer, dubbed the Bay-Harbour Butcher. It seemed there was nothing left for Dexter Morgan - he had outsmarted his greatest threats. Already by the end of the second season, a formula for the program was beginning to show. Dexter would evade someone who threatened his secret and murder the major antagonist of the season. He murdered Lila in the season two finale in the same way he murdered his brother Brian in the finale of season one. Only two years into the series, it already appeared repetitive. So I released a great sigh of disappointment near the beginning of season three when Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits) learnt Dexter Morgan's secret. It appeared the cycle was repeating itself. And so it did for the remainder of the season, in an unbelievably mundane fashion. Miguel learnt Dexter's deepest secrets and so it was no surprise when Dexter killed Miguel in the penultimate episode. The show was on its deathbed, as it appeared like there was no where else to go. It would take a near miracle to save Dexter from the annals of failed television series. Discussion continues here.

Why profanity in television is debatable.

Anyone who has a watched a premium cable network such as HBO or Showtime know the extremes of sex, drugs, violence and swearing is unrivalled by any other television networks. Television programs like HBO's Deadwood can barely get through thirty seconds without at least one swear word. Other shows such as Showtime's Dexter feature characters such as Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), renowned for their foul tongue. But is the swearing necessary? Deadwood for instance is a program set on the American frontier. The swearing is meant to set the scene realistically, with rough outlaws, miners and barkeepers from the late 1800's. For that, I can understand the use of profanity, but Deadwood's frequency of swearing is off the charts. In fact, some statistics say that Deadwood uses the 'F-Word' 1.56 times per minute. The F-Word was said 43 times during the very first hour of the show, and some reports have charted the total series count at nearly 3,000 across 36 episodes. Discussion continues here.

when does season 5 start?

Does anybody know? Are they going to torture us until next fall again??? Or is it coming back in spring?

did that just happen.....?

so I can't believe the ending of ep. 12- is this the final episode of the season or of the series???