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will dexter ever be humanized with true feelings???

I have a stupid question...

When does Dexter come back on?

Discuss: Series with Notable Theme Songs - Featured

In recent times, many series have opted to forgo the full-length opening theme song/sequence and replace it with either a sort of half song (think Gossip Girl and Greek ) or just a flash of the show's name (think Lost and as of last season, One Tree Hill ). Even shows that used to have full length opening credits have recently started to abbreviate them - like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy . I agree that some shows don't need a full opening sequence (I can't imagine any sort of opening credits that would do Lost justice), but in general, it's a great way to set the stage for the show. 10 of my personal favorite opening credits/sequences that I believe are particularly defining to their respective shows: 1. Friends (1994) - Watch! 2. Six Feet Under - Watch! 3. Dexter - Watch! 4. Arrested Development - Watch! 5. Mad Men - Watch! 6. The Big Bang Theory - Watch! 7. The West Wing - Watch! 8. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Watch! 9. The O.C. - Watch! 10. The Sopranos - Watch! What are your favorite TV theme songs/opening credits?

The Dexter Wiki

I was checking the wiki, and I noticed that the wiki has complete synopses of all the seasons of the show. Do we really need that? I think we should completely erase it; takes too much space unless there is a way to place them under some kind of "cut" (like a Livejournal cut) or something.

Bones vs Dexter

I really like both shows but I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have Bones and her crew decipher the remains that Dexter dropped in the bay. Sure, they'd be able to figure out how he did it but would they be able to catch him? Dexter is really good about not leaving evidence, but I think it could make for an interesting cat and mouse game.

Next season?

Any one know when it's supposed to start up?


can ayone tell me what happened to all the links here?

oh no.....

there arent ANY links for ANY program not dexter not true blood NOTHING Anyone else have this problem or were all the links deleted?

Golden Globe Nomonations: Bloody Faves and Psychotherapy Galore

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today and most of them could have been easily predicted. However, there was a little vampirific surprise in the mix. True Blood got a nom for best drama series and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) got best dramatic actress. It would really have been a shocker if they'd been cool enough to nominate Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette). In Treatment dominated. I suppose I should watch it then, huh? Here are the other TV Series Noms (faves are in bold): Best Television Series - Drama Dexter ; House ; In Treatment; Mad Men; True Blood Thoughts: While I admit ...more

Discussion & Preview Videos

Wow! From the preview it looks like there's going to be a lot packed into next weeks finale (the wedding, Ramon, George King)...hope they don't leave us with a cliffhanger until next season. Here's 2 links for 2 preview clips: