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Every Single Dexter Victim from Seasons 1 Through 7 in One Video

Watching Dexter take every single on of his victims from season 1 to 7 is just flat out creepy. It make you wonder just how he wasn’t seen as the biggest monster of all by his fans and why his actions were justified no matter if he was doing a public service by executing the worst that society had to offer. It’s scary to think that blood splatter expert might be able to perform such cold-blooded acts without suffering any ill effects to his psyche, but then you can kind of imagine that Dexter wasn’t the model of mental stability before he began his personal crusade against those that were in the wrong to start with. Perhaps a few of us would take the time to admit that we’d like to see justice meted out like this, but knowing that the law would punish us in a way most severe keeps a lot of people from ever speaking out about these kind of fantasies. Instead we get to watch them with shows like Dexter, that allow us to explore the darker side of our natures without ever having to admit what we might do without anything such as law keeping us bound and on the side of what we believe is right. READ MORE...

Dexter Alum Michael C. Hall Will Bring His Surgical Skills to the Netflix Thriller Safe

  Michael C. Hall's next role will have him stepping into the shoes of another person intimately familiar with blood slides and scalpels. However, unlike his popular Dexter character, he most likely won't be murdering people. The actor has signed on to star in the Netflix thriller Safe as a pediatric  ...Read More... //

The Dexter Season 4 Finale is Still the Best Finale of All-Time

Has anyone seen a better season finale since 2009 than Dexter Season 4? I’d just like to point out that I haven’t. There’s only one that might be close and that would have to be Breaking Bad but in the pantheon of season finales fro ANY show in the history of shows I’m picking Dexter’s Season 4 as the winner. If you’ll recall that was the season where John Lithgow played the Trinity killer. I personally think Lithgow was the best "villain" ever on that show. All of us could always use a little crazy Lithgow. The moment he played "Blake" in the movie Ricochet people realized that Lithgow wasn’t just a comedic guy. They realized he did "crazy" extremely well. He took that role and ran with it. Here’s a reminder of how that fateful season 4 ended. READ MORE...

Dexter Turns 10: Michael C. Hall Looks Back on His "Liberating Experience" on the Showtime Series

Dexter is turning 10. Yes, your favorite serial killer--hey, he had a code, he only killed bad people--debuted on October 1, 2006. "Wow, 10 years. It's amazing," Michael C....   ...Read More... //

Dexter Drops New Trailer Marking Showtime Series 10th Anniversary

Showtime has dropped a new trailer for Dexter as the critically praised series turns 10. Dexter stars Michael C. Hall in his Golden Globe and SAG Award-winning role as Dexter Morgan, a complicated and conflicted blood-spatter expert for the Miami Metro police department, with his own twisted sense of justice as he spends his days solving crimes and nights committing them. Named one of the best-written series of all time by the Writers Guild of America, the series features ...  Read More.... //

Dexters Jennifer Carpenter Cast Opposite Vince Vaughn In Brawl In Cell Block 99

EXCLUSIVE: Dexter and Limitless actress Jennifer Carpenter has been cast in the indie film Brawl in Cell Block 99 opposite Vince Vaughn . Written and directed by S. Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk ), the story follows Bradley, a former boxer who loses his job as an auto mechanic as his troubled marriage is about to end. Feeling thathe has no better option than to work for an old buddyas a drug courier, he enters into that line of work. That improves his situation until he ...Read More... //

Michael C. Hall Marries Morgan Macgregor in City Hall Ceremony

  Michael C. Hall is a married man for the third time. The Dexter actor married girlfriend Morgan Macgregor in a city hall ceremony in New York City on Monday morning, People confirms.   Read More... //

'Dexter' Returning To Showtime? Rumors That Show Will Return With Michael C. Hall Circulate

Dexter was an extremely popular show, but ended far too soon for many fans. New reports suggest that there will be a revival of sorts and that there will either be a "limited series" (not unlike He...   Read More... //

Watch the 'Dexter' Reunion Coming to CBS' 'Limitless' (Exclusive)

Jennifer Carpenter and Desmond Harrington bring Deb and Quinn back together again on the freshman drama.   Read More... //

Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter Expecting First Child

  Congratulations are in order for Jennifer Carpenter ! The former Dexter star is expecting her first child with boyfriend musician Seth Avett, People reports. E! News first reported Carpenter's pregnancy after the actress' growing baby bump was spotted in Los Angeles during a coffee run on Saturday.   Read More... //