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Doctor Who Christmas Special Recap: Postscript

Peter Capaldi raised the bar for who and what the Doctor can be.   ...Read More...

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale Review: Let’s Talk About Bill Potts

The Doctor Who season 10 finale has come and gone. Unfortunately for outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat and his writing staff, the bad taste it left in my mouth has not. "The Doctor Falls" was nothing more than a massive collection of missed opportunities. With both the Master and Missy — two different regenerations of a single Time Lord/Lady — present, the Doctor Who finale could have been a lesson in fighting one’s inner nature. Missy was on somewhat of a redemption arc in the series’ tenth season, while her past self was as dedicated to being delightfully evil as ever. That was barely touched on before an unsatisfying mutual death, though. READ MORE...

Doctor Who: "The Doctor Falls" Review

To regenerate or not to regenerate. That is the question. In fact, it’s the question not just for the Twelfth Doctor here in the Season 10 finale, "The Doctor Falls," but also in a way for Missy and for Bill as well. It makes sense that Peter Capaldi and writer/executive-producer Steven Moffat’s final regular season episode would be concerned with such matters, not just because they’re about to regenerate behind the scenes but also because the very idea of regeneration on Doctor Who has become such a point of hype for viewers whenever it rolls around. READ MORE...

Doctor Who: "World Enough And Time" Review

"World Enough and Time" kicks off the two-part finale of Doctor Who Season 10 while also setting up the very end of the Twelfth Doctor himself. That it does so in something of a bipolar manner, starting off with one story approach and then swinging wildly in another direction, doesn’t necessarily diminish the effectiveness of the adventure… even if the approach does cause a bit of narrative whiplash. We start things off with a flash-forward, presumably, to Peter Capaldi’s Twelve (looking a bit worse for wear and even sporting somewhat longer grey locks than we’re used to) beginning to regenerate amid an icy landscape on some unknown world. He fights the regeneration energy, screaming "Nooooooo!!!" as we cut to the opening titles… and then the episode returns to the "present" to start off the story proper, leaving us hanging for now. It’s a cool (heh) cold open, but the fact that we just had a head-fake regeneration scene a few episodes back sort of diminishes the excitement here. It’s also a bit of a puzzler, as we’ve been led to believe by the BBC that Capaldi’s last episode won’t be until the Christmas Special which follows this season next December. Of course, that could all be a distraction meant to throw us off the scent of when the Thirteenth Doctor is actually going to make his debut… so we’ll have to wait and see. READ MORE...

Doctor Who: "The Eaters Of Light" Review

The mystery of Rome's Ninth Legion, which is believed to have disappeared sometime in the second century AD, is one of those curiosities of the past that’s just ripe for exploration in TV documentaries, historical fiction, movies (Centurion and The Eagle both tackled it)… and now Doctor Who. Of course, the Doctor Who version of the story involves tentacled aliens as well. As it should. The Doctor, Bill and Nardole visit the Scotland of almost 2,000 years ago essentially to win an argument, since Twelve has his own take on what happened to the Legion (they were killed in battle, he says) while Bill, having read "the book" on the subject, disagrees (they picked up and left). (Nardole, still in his PJs and somewhat bothered that once again the Doctor has abandoned his vault duties, doesn’t seem to have a stake in the matter.) Interestingly, it’ll turn out that they’re both right -- and wrong. See "tentacled aliens" above. "The Eaters of Light" was written by Rona Munro, who is reportedly the only person to write for both the modern Doctor Who and the original series (in fact, she penned the final story for the Sylvester McCoy Doctor, 1989’s "Survival"). And as with the rest of Season 10, this episode feels like a bit of a throwback with its over-the-top monster, (mostly) standalone story, and characters-of-the-week hanging around in stock Roman soldier costumes. All of which is to say, it basically works! READ MORE...

Did 'Doctor Who' Season 10 Finale Hint at Female 13th Doctor?

The conversation between Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor and his nemesis Master in the finale seemingly confirms that a female Doctor is coming.   ...Read More... //

Doctor Who Season Finale Recap: Where I Stand Is Where I Fall

A rich, emotion-drenched penultimate episode for the Capaldi era.   ...Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale "The Doctor Falls" Recap

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale "The Doctor Falls" Recap   ...Read More... //

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 13 Review: The Doctor Falls

Thus ended the latest season of Doctor Who -- not to mention the regular tenure of Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat, save for the Christmas Special. There's a lot to unpack with Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 13 , so let's get down to business. Even for a finale, the theme of endings ran quite strongly through "The Doctor Falls." John Simm's Master, Missy, Bill, Nardole, the Doctor... Actually, all of them managed to jerk a few tears out of me.   ...Read More...

Doctor Who Recap: Genesis of the Cybermen

The shockingly horrific beginning of an end. ...Read More... //