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Why Maggie Smith Got the Last Line on Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey gave Maggie Smith a big honor in the series finale: the last line. The final episode of the crossover hit drama featured Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) finally finding happiness. She...   Read More... //

'Downton Abbey' stars sound off on movie potential

No matter how happy or satisfying the finale of Downton Abbey was very on both accounts its only natural when a beloved story ends to wonder if theres more on the way. Since the end of Downton was announced, creator Julian Fellowes and executive producer Gareth......   Read More.... //

Downton Abbey: Downton Abbey Director Michael Engler on the Emotional Final Episode

The longtime TV director talks about the final episode and the last day of shooting.   Read More... //

Checking In With the Cast of Downton Abbey

Quite a lot of places outside the constraints of a Yorkshire country estate.   Read More... //

Downton Abbey Series Finale: Creator Julian Fellowes On The Last Hurrah, Edith & Mary, Maggie Smith, & A Movie?

SPOILER ALERT: This story includes details about tonights Downton Abbey series finale After six years of drama, upstairs and down, Downton Abbey has shuttered its massive doors. While fans in the UK saw the finale on Christmas Day, U.S. audiences had to wait until tonight. That's been a frustration for many throughout the show's run, but the good news is: All's well that ends well for the Crawley family (yes, even Edith) and their faithful servants (yes, even...   Read More.... //

'Downton Abbey' Creator on Series Finale: 'I Love Happy Endings'

Series creator Julian Fellowes and executive producer Gareth Neame talk about the happy endings in the finale and whether there will be a 'Downton' movie.   Read More.... //

The Downton Abbey spinoffs wed like to see

At last, the end has come: After six seasons of pomp and circumstance and buttered scones, Downton Abbey has closed up shop. But some of us arent willing to let go. And why should we? Based on the neat tie-ups of Sundays finale spoiler alert! here are a few spinoffs that PBS, in... //

Why Downton Abbey Delivered the Perfect Ending

  After six seasons inside the Grantham family manor, Downton Abbey has come to a close with a perfect ending for the heartwarming series. Happy endings are rare in a drama landscape that exalts antiheroes and political scheming. Downton Abbey has set itself apart from its prestige drama peers by never   Read More... //

Downton Abbey Series Finale: How Everything Ended for the Beloved Characters

Finally, Lady Edith gets what's coming to her--in the past way possible! Downton Abbey, a series of sassy retorts, heartbreaking events and some of the longest-ongoing storylines (seriously,... ...  Read More... //

Downton Abbey Executive Producer Gareth Neame on Its Heartwarming Finale

The 'Downton Abbey' executive producer unpacks Carson's bittersweet ending, as well as Edith's fairy tale conclusion. ...  Read More... //