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What's Going To Happen Now?

With season 2 ending so soon I wonder what will happen next, no matter what situations i try to put them in it seems like a boring show-ending thing. I've thought up some ideas: 1. He wakes up & just continues not knowing about Deb & that was just a message to Jane from above to shut-up 2. She tells him she is deb after the close encounter with losing him & he just thinks she is crazy 3. He ends up in some strangers body & Grayson ends up dieing (similar to deb) 4. Someone else ends up in Grayson's body (so it will seem like he has lost his memory) and he ends up falling in love with Jane but Jane is no longer in love with him because he is a different person.!!! That all i got for now, if you got anything in mind of what will happen please respond!! Also I hope it doesn't end up starting in like 9mnths later again, fist season ended in october 2009 then season 2 commenced in june 2010 :( arrrgghhh