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Ripped Off

Why are there only 10 episodes this season???

Where is the entourage season finale??????????

If anybody has a valid link post it up, I've been trying to find one for 30 mins now, and nothing yet...


Anyone know the song at the end of this episode during the credits?

Entourage Season 7

Again Mark Wahlberg and his crew have done an excellent job brining in everyones lives to match something in every viewers life. The NFL pure genuis! Also i must say that this season has match seasons passed by its ability to leave you wondering. You can guess what the next episode will bring but it like always is open ended. This feeds the addiction to the show and i will admit it makes "Entourage" just like "Sex and the City" for guys.

International Friendship Week: Who's Your Favorite Group of TV BFFs? - Featured

While there are many adorable couples, bromances, and friendship duos we adore on TV, since it's International Friendship Week, we want to go bigger! Many great shows are based on a group of friends, but it's hard to get it right... but when that happens, does it ever make for some of the best shows of all! I've listed a number of amazing shows below that are all around a true blue group of amazing friends, so we want to know who from this list or those we missed tops your list of the best TV friends ever. Friends How I Met Your Mother Sex and the City Entourage Scrubs Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives Queer as Folk Eastwick Additional Popular User Choices: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seinfeld That 70's Show Saved by the Bell The Big Bang Theory It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Community

Entourage S6E11 status updates

In lieu of the recent locking of pages no one can post ANYTHING and it's getting annoying (it happened a while back with True Blood). Stupid internets :) That's all for now I'm trolling around trying to find links will post em when I see them.

Can't wait!

Can't wait!

Lame writers

series 6 seems quite lame this season with all booha surrounding Lloyd,Andrew and even Turtle back to school.I really don't understand why they didn't introduce Jaimi as ' Medow' from sopranos and write a lot of pitfalls around Turtle dating a mafia chic,Vince's career could have been resurrected from ChristopherS movies/scripts from soprano days or even a phone call from Anthony,not to mention guest appearances /phone calls. Guess the writers have no real imagination..........just give me a call,I can juice this show up.

Now This Is The Entourage I Like (Season 6, Episode 8)

The season started off very slowly, and apart from the interaction b/w Ari & Lloyd, I really didn't see a reason to watch the show. It started getting back into the swing of things w/the golf tournament episode, and has been building up steam since then. Now, in The Sorkin Notes, the show has finally hit its stride. This is the show I fell in love with. This epi had the pacing, the comedy, interesting plot, and laid back camaraderie b/w the gang that made it so popular. I enjoyed watching this epi, and I'm glad the boys are back.


Its getting good again