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WOW WTF HAPPEND IN THAT EPISODE? think vince was actually shit ? or does the director just have his head up his ass? maybe the stink of medellin still surrounds vince.. ? I dont know but I cant tell wtf is happening to the guy or where the hell his career is headed..

What does Ari say?

In this last epsiode, my girlfriend and I laughed so hard when Ari called Babs a nasty twat and made that impression of her. I have played it back many times and can't make out what he says after "i can't make any promises". His impression of her is classic, but what did he say?

Ep 6 - Did anyone notice...

that the same girl walks behind Drama like three times when he and Turtle are by his car. She even walks in front of the camera when Turtle drives away.

season 5

must watch guys ...insane start to the new episode!!!