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Episode 7 Stoned

SPOILERS!!! . . . . . . . . . . I loved this ep!! So glad that Zoe made and appearance, and that thing with her and Zane totally did not see that one coming o_O But i feel bad for Jo :( How AMAZING was Henry's Blinded Me With Science song and dance!! LOL! Just leave it to Eureka. And finally.... YAY for Allison and Carter!!!! *insert fangirl screams here* ps I just knew we hadn't seen the last of Beverly and i hope Grant doesn't get sucked in by her smh.

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At first, when this show started, I felt like comparing it to what happened on Supernatural--the ever repeating Tuesdays. But, as it turned out, this ep was so utterly and completely different. The producers and creative writers have done a spectacular job. I would never have expected the ending. Let's just say it was a shocker. Wow.



Anyone else??

Is anyone else super excited that taggart is back in the next episode!? :D

Alright, enough is enough...

Ok, I was trying to be objective about them bringing on someone for Carter, in light of Allison's pregnancy, but you know what? I'm off that kick...screw it, I just want Carter & Allison together. He can help her raise the baby. It happens in life, why not in Eureka where anything is possible? Carter & Allison should be together, and I believe the creative minds behind Eureka can continue to come up with interesting dialogue and situations for them. I must say, it was pretty smooth how the writers tried to get us to sympathize with Tess's character by having her almost drown from synthetic water that reacted with radiation-exposed isotopes (: P), and I will admit, I did feel somewhat sorry for her (I have a heart), but I am not on board with this relationship. I also don't appreciate that Allison has had even less to say since they brought Tess on the show. If they're going to bring new characters on the show, fine, but the core characters should still be the most prominent on the show, since they're the ones people have been coming back to see for three seasons. I was hoping they would have Tess become preoccupied with this epi's guest character, Dr.Bruce Manlius, and leave Carter alone, but alas, no... Seriously, I enjoy all the core characters on this show (as well as the others like S.A.R.A.H., Vincent, and Larry) and think they're a great ensemble cast. I've looked forward to the show each week for that kooky, ingenious, and lovable group...but to be honest, Carter and Allison's interaction is one of my favorite things about the show, and I've always wanted it to include a little more of them. From viewer postings on various Eureka boards, I gather there are a good number of other fans who feel the same. I hope they wrap this "distraction" for Carter quickly and get back to what many viewers really want to see in the show's romance department, which is CARTER & ALLISON...TOGETHER.

What happened to Allison's Son?

BTW What exactly happened to Allisons son? He just disappeared? Maybe the actor quit? I mean at least give him a random death or something..you dont even need the actor to do that just start off with Allison crying or something. Probably had to do with a money issue, a fight, or the fact that he was becoming to old to just be a reoccurring character without making Allison look like crap.

Too Much Time In between Episodes?

Has anyone noticed that between episodes 8 and 9 it was almost a year?!! Why does sci-fi always do this to a show? One season that should take a year sometimes takes almost two. The time lag in seasons seriously affects character development, actor retention (which in itself also affects character development), not to mention the viewers memory of what happened earlier in the season and their patience for new episodes (which without a doubt drastically hurts viewership) Not to mention I seriously dislike how they keep jumping around from character to character and very few recurring characters remaining in the show. At first I wondered why this was but then the possible answer struck me. Shows on the sci-fi channel probably get a very limited budget (probably small monthly allowances from their parent company NBC) which could be why the production and filming process takes so long, not to mention it would explain why they cut down on the reoccurring supporting characters like Taggert and Carter's sister (cause they have to pay them more if they are appearing steadily). One last thing the episodes have been sort of stagnant lately, dont get me wrong they have been good but they just havent been leading up to anything. In the past they used to always talk about level 5 and the artifact (Tess was trying to get into level 5 for some reason while she was dying from the water in her lungs, what does that mean? is there something interesting going on there, maybe?) What do you guys think?

i want Carter and Alison back

i want the romace between Carter and Alison to come back. i do not like the new girl. There's no chemistry between them. What do you guys think?

The new chick

Ok, she was kind of funny in her first episode, but since then, she has just been annoying and doesn't add anything to the show. I want her to go the way of Carter's sister quick: exit stage left and do not pass go.