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outside the US

does anyone have a link i can watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition the Beach Family with if i live outside the US?

Description Not Correct

The description that is given is not correct. The actual description of the episode is: Ty and the crew help a family who have dedicated their lives to helping people south of the border in Mexico. Twelve years ago they stopped working on their home and ever since then it has been dangerous to live in. This is where Ty comes in as they try to restore their home to something safe to live in. Please, fix it when you have the time to do so.

extrem home makeover

I have been whatching extrem home makeover since it first aired and now most of the shows are repeats when are they going to get some new ones cause it is getting boaring here and sundays thats what i like to whatch i like to see some new ones soon .......