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Sliding Doors in Jeff's homes

I'm trying to find out where I can purchase those sliding doors like Jeff puts in all his homes. My wife loves them and is wanting one for our bathroom. Does anyone have any idea where I can get the sliding hardware and a door like the one below? Please help! Our anniversary is coming up and I want to get this for her. Image:

Jeff's assistant had a bit part in Monk, season 2 episode 13 "The Missing Granny"

If you want to be an actor, Hollywood is the right place to go because that is where movies are made. But if you cannot become an actor and you still want to live in Los Angeles, you might become a personal assistant. And what if the personal assistant gig turned into TV appearances on a reality show with a rude, extroverted attention-seeker like Jeff? Bonanza! Or, what if somebody had a good idea for a TV show starring Jeff and thought you could play the role of assistant? Either way, Jenni Pulos makes out pretty well on "Flipping Out." Watch her on "The Missing Granny" with Shalhoub, Schram, Levine, and Rachel Dratch from SNL.

People, anybody gonna upload the new episode?!

Did Bravo skip a week, or are y'all just holding out? Please, somebody upload the new episode!

Any kind uploaders going to add last night's episode?

I checked Sidereel a few times today, and no one had added the new episode, but I have faith that charity lives on in the hearts of uploaders somewhere.


s/o hook me up PLZ!!!!!

flipping out

The link that was provided will not play the episode...I missed the reruns yest. SOMEONE HELP, gotta know about the nanny cam.

Flipping out

Can you please provide a link to the next episode. The one were the nanny cam busted Chris. I have read the blogs but can't figure out exactly what he got busted doing/not doing. Thx!!

Episode 4 of season 2

I'm waiting for someone to post the latest episode of Flipping Out. Its the really good one about the Nanny Cam, and I missed it. Someone hook me up PLZ!!!!