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Season 1 Episodes 11 - 20

Just checking to find out if the Season 1 episodes 11 - 20 are going to be hosted here. There was a note stating that they would be posted after June 28th, but they still aren't there. Thanks!!

Thx for the answers here are the numbers

OK back on Jan 22 I asked what in your opinion was the 5 shows that just get better every week and several of you answered well here is the numbers. With 9 Votes, Bones, was number one With 8 votes, Supernatural, was number 2 With 5 votes, The Mentalist and Castle, tied for number 3 With 4 votes, Chuck and The Fringe, tied for number 4 We had several with 3 votes, N.C.I.S., The Big Bang Theory , The good wife, californication, vampire diaries, and House With 2 votes, Mercy, C.S.I.:NY, Human Target, Sanctuary, Dexter, Dollhouse, Private Practice , and Grey's Anatomy. And with just 1 vote each, Numbers, The Forgotten, N.C.I.S: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Legend of the Seeker, Leverage, Lie to me, Better off Ted, Breaking Bad, cougar town, heroes, Spartacus, criminal intent, Doctor Who, Community, Make it or Break it, Eastwick, Modern Family, 24, and Psych.

Charlie's return

According to Fox, the newest episode "Unearthed" is not a "new" episode at all but a "lost" episode that never aired. Since Charlie Francis is alive in this episode, everyone is assuming that this "lost" episode fits in with the timeline of season 1. There has been no explanation as to why this episode was never aired, but rumors suggest it has been dug up to go head to head against NBC's show Heroes, which is Fringe's timeslot rival.


he died!!!! what was he doing alive in this episode?? very weird! why wud they air this episode if charlie was in it?


Can some one please explain how charlie is back in this episode? Was it maybe filmed before he died and they are recycling unaired episodes or did I miss an episode that brought him back (unlikely because my pvr records every episode) Please help/ explain.......

Doesn't work Eps 11-20

HI, everything was going well but none of the episodes from 11 on work. I've tried using Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, all of them the most recent versions but I keep getting an error message saying that the file's not found. Thanks for the help!

So... what about the superpower? :(

remember when Mr. Jones was still alive and claimed Olivia had superpowers? at first, I thought maybe he really was trying to mess with her head with that bomb that she was supposed to disable with her mind but then I remembered that guy that made everyone around him feel the same, when she was sleeping the was kinda in his head so, now we know that the drug really did give some people super powers or something like that so, it is possible (even very likely) that Olivia has super powers... and now what? I mean, don't you think it's a real shame that there is not one mention of it so far? there was the episode with the empath, the episode with the bomb the had to disable, the episode where she was seeing things from an alternate reality ("The road not taken")... and that's it? I feel like they really should talk about it more, don't you?

who is 'she'

at the end of 'August', the observers were watching Olivia and her neice and said something like 'its a shame its going to be so hard for her' , i was just wondering if everyone thought they definately meant Olivia...not her neice?

where is she

okay so m just curious as to where the black female detective is. u know d one who seemed like she was gonna join d team at the begining of the season. or have the writers just gone n killed her?


What is your opinion about fringe!? I think it is very smart and a modern XFiles!