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every video that has been posted as a result for this episode is erroneous. Each link is a link tot he previous episode and not Prospect Place. Please correct this.

ghost adventures

Please can some one put the live special they had for halloween up!! there is only one link there! part 2/2, as well as some of the other episodes please i would appericated kindly. i dont get that channel on my tv and i love watching the show please and thank you all for you time you all rock who ever takes care of putting up the shows here thanks again.

Ghost Adventures Live!

Can someone please put up the 7 hour special because I don't live in the US so I was not able to watch it. Many of the GA fans abroad would truly appreciate it!

can you watch this anywhere

i dont get the travel channel in my town, i have comcast, but we dont get ondemand and a couple different channels even though i pay for them, i know, its BS. anyway,. i wanna know if theres anywhere online at all that you can go watch a show that comes on while its on, like ghost adventures for instence, i really wanna see the new one tonight, or right after its over, either or?