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Jane Lynch Shares Glee Script Secrets!

What's it like to play over-the-top cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on the new Fox hit Glee? "It's so delicious," raves actress Jane Lynch. "There's something about [her]. I've played arrogant people before, but the levels and lengths she goes to, it's so entertaining and fun." Sometimes it's almost too much fun. "The writers love pushing it," says Lynch. "In the first draft, they always go too far. It's like, 'I can't talk about skinning a cat!' " Still, sometimes she wishes the first draft bits would stick. "There have been a couple that I was sorry to lose," she says. So what can fans expect for the season? A softer side of Sue, for one. "Her heart will be touched by somebody," Lynch reveals. "We learn a little bit about her family life and she's humanized a bit. But then, of course, that quickly goes away because she returns to her wicked ways. Click Here For More Glee News

GLEE "Preggers" Episode 4 - Preview

Watch a Preview of Glee "Preggers" episode 4 airing Wednesday, Sept. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Episode Synopsis: Kurt takes center stage when he tries out for the football team in order to impress his dad. Sandy and Sue join forces to carry out their plans for destroying the Glee Club. Meanwhile, Quinn and Finn's relationship is tested when they receive some life-changing news in the Preggers episode of GLEE airing Wednesday, Sept. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source & Preview

Glee Picked Up for the Full Season! - Featured

Fox is announcing a full-season pickup for Glee , sources confirm. The show, which has performed solidly in the ratings, initially received a 13-episode order from the network. The back-nine pickup brings the total number of first-season episodes to -- I suck at math but I think I've got this -- 22. Thoughts? Relieved? Indifferent? Glee-full? Sound off below. Source: - Breaking: 'Glee' renewed for full season

Glee Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 3 - 'Acafellas'

Will forms an all-male a cappella group, but when he neglects the glee club, the kids decide to hire a well-known choreographer to coach them. Meanwhile, Mercedes falls in love. Josh Groban appears as himself. Watch & Discuss: Watch Glee: Season 1, Episode 3 - 'Acafellas' Read Glee-s Review: Season 1, Episode 3 - 'Acafellas'

Preview of 'Glee' 1.04: Celine Dion Theme

Josh Groban this week, Celine Dion next week. In the preview released for the September 23 episode of " Glee ", Rachel Berry is trying out for a spot in a cabaret where one "must" sing a Celine Dion song during the audition. She opts "Taking Chances". Meanwhile, Kurt takes center stage when he tries out for the football team in order to impress his dad. Sandy and Sue join forces to carry out their plans for destroying the Glee Club. Meanwhile, Quinn and Finn's relationship is tested when they receive some life-changing news. Guest stars in this episode are Stephen Tobolowsky as Sandy Ryerson, Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins and Patrick Gallagher as Ken Tanaka. The episode's title "Preggers" is referring to the fact that Terri is not pregnant but is determined to keep her man with her. So in order to keep her husband Will out of Emma, she is faking the pregnancy with artificial tummy. To Watch The Preview Click Here . Source Here If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Jane Lynch Talks Glee with

With the exception of a nimble frame that stretches as far as the eye can see, it probably should come as no surprise that Jane Lynch is absolutely nothing like her television alter-ego: McKinley High's uber-competitive cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. Take our recent interview for example. Rather than hog the credit for the success of Glee thus far -- Fox's musical comedy hybrid that have critics and fans alike singing its praise -- Lynch does something we're fairly confident Sue Sylvester is physically incapable of doing, sharing the spotlight. "It's surreal but in a way it's expected when you work with the likes of Ryan [Murphy], Ian [Brennan] and Brad [Falchuk]," said Lynch at the recent FOX Fall Junket in Los Angeles. "Our writers have created a world that just really works and has a flavour and tone to it that people love and I'm very proud to be a part of." She says 'proud to be a part of it,' we say, 'everything sounds funnier coming out of Jane Lynch's mouth.' Which is probably why the actress, following breakthrough roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Role Models now finds herself working virtually nonstop. Pulling double duty this summer in both Julie & Julia and Post Grad , while she gets ready to find the time to wrap up her character's storyline on Rob Thomas' hilarious Party Down (A gig which she unfortunately had to give up due to scheduling conflicts with her current FOX series) and prepare for more what we hope is a lot more GLEE. "I expect a decision to be made sometime during the World Series," said Lynch when asked about when GLEE might get the much anticipated full season pick-up. "FOX will hopefully bring us back in January for our back nine." Until then, expect Sue Sylvester to stop at nothing to take down the Glee Club. "Sue will continue to terrorize these poor kids and Mr. Schuster [Matthew Morrison]," explained the actress. "Somedays Sue will reign victorious, somedays she will lose and come back to fight another day. She really needs to be on top." Just don't ask her to dance. "When I found out that I was going to do the Lindy Hop with Matt [Morrison], a very long Lindy Hop mind you, I said to the writers, 'You realize I don't dance!' And they showed me what the dance was going to be and I sad, 'NO, you don't understand, I don't dance.' But I ended up being able to do it. Hopefully I'll get to sing in the back nine." Finally, something we can all agree upon. Source: The TV Addict Exclusive Interview - Jane Lynch Talks GLEE

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009 - Featured

* America's Got Talent (8/7c NBC) A contortionist break-dancer. An opera singer. A tenor trio. A golden-girl comic. Power tap-dancing siblings. These ace entertainers are among the final 10 acts who took the stage in Monday's last-chance performance episode. With tension spiking and nerves popping, they are now in line to score the big $1 million prize and a headlining Vegas show. With the big-stage curtain finally closing on the sprawling star search, one of them will be named the winner in tonight's two-hour Season 4 finale. Performers include Britain's Got Talent phenom Susan Boyle, pop songstress Shakira, English singer Leona Lewis, country stars Rascal Flatts and high-flying act Cirque du Soleil. * The Beautiful Life : TBL (9/8c The CW ) After a rough summer that included a stint in a psychiatric ward, Mischa Barton makes her return to network television in this sexy new drama about the New York modeling world, which exec producer Ashton Kutcher says will be a more accurate portrayal of the fashion industry than the "sanitized" version we've seen on some reality shows. Barton plays veteran model Sonja Stone, who gets upstaged by newcomer Raina Marinelli (Sara Paxton) in the series opener. Elle Macpherson and High School Musical alum Corbin Bleu also star. * Live from Lincoln Center (8/7c PBS) The New York Philharmonic opens the 2009-10 season under the baton of new music director Alan Gilbert, the first native New Yorker to hold the post. Selections include an overture by composer-in-residence Magnus Lindberg, Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique and Messiaen's Poemes pour Mi, featuring soprano Renée Fleming. Alec Baldwin hosts. * Glee (9/8c Fox) So far, the glee club hasn't felt much love around McKinley High, and don't look for that to change anytime soon. In fact, even Will neglects the kids tonight (the girls, anyhow - he's forming an all-male a capella group), and when Mercedes falls in love she doesn't exactly get the response she seeks. Josh Groban has a cameo as himself, lending moral support to Will's new group, the Acafellas, and Victor Garber begins his recurring role as Will's dad. * Top Chef : Las Vegas (10/9c Bravo ) It was a French connection in the previous episode when our food fighters served up delicate French fare. (Hector got French dissed due to his ill-cooked beef. Au revoir, Hector.) This leads us to tonight's challenge, an affair that turns campy when the foodies visit a campsite and concoct a menu for a collection of Las Vegas cowboys. The heat is on, especially when cooking outside in blazing temperatures, and it appears that ace taste tester Tom Colicchio has to spit out some food in disgust. That's going to be hard to swallow for one contestant. * Biography (10/9c Biography ) George Clooney started small in the 1984-85 sitcom E/R, but it was his role as Dr. Doug Ross in the NBC drama ER that made the actor a star. This profile of Clooney looks beyond his roles as a TV heartthrob, director and Oscar-winning actor, and explores the life of a man who is also known for his outspoken views and actions as a social activist. Source Here

Glee First Look: Kristin Chenoweth Goes GLEEK! - Featured

Get ready for Kristin Chenoweth like you've never seen before. For on Wednesday September 30th, the incomparable star of both stage and screen will drop by Glee 's McKinley High to play who co-star Jane Lynch described in a recent interview with as "a drunk Glee club has-been who will really show the kids how to put on a show." As April Rhodes, in the appropriately titled 'The Rhodes Not Taken,' Chenoweth will also show Lea Michele's Rachel Berry what could happen if she doesn't make it big. Read more & check out some great episode photos: The TV Addict: First Look: Kristin Chenoweth Goes GLEEK!

GLEE Episode 3: "Acafellas" - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of Glee "Acafellas" episode 3 airing Wednesday, Sept. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Josh Groban Guest stars as himself. Episode Synopsis: Will forms the Acafellas, an all-male acapella vocal group, and spends more time building his own confidence than he does with the glee club. In Will's absence, the glee club decides to hire a well-known choreographer to help coach them to Nationals. Meanwhile, Mercedes is bitten by the love bug, but her feelings aren't reciprocated. When the Acafellas perform for the P.T.A., they get a surprise visit backstage from Josh Groban (guest-starring as himself) in the Acafellas episode of GLEE airing Wednesday, Sept. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source & Promo Here If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

'Glee': FOX may have a hit on its hands

With The official "Glee" premiere, the much-buzzed-about (i.e. heavily advertised) show made a long-awaited second appearance after a preview of the " Glee " pilot episode last spring. And I gotta say, it surprised me. Amidst the teen drama, overproduced songs, and cartoonish characters - all of which I love, by the way - there's some serious funny going on. It may sound odd, but while I always expected to enjoy the show, I didn't necessarily expect it to have me laughing out loud, sometimes with surprisingly edgy jokes. We pick up where we left off: five high school outcasts and one football player are trying to make glee club (very accurately dubbed "the Island of Misfit Toys" by Sue, the cheerleading coach) into something less than a social death sentence; Sue is still hating on the whole endeavor; Will is being freakishly optimistic; and Emma is painfully in love with Will. Since show choirs need 12 members to compete in regionals, Will books the kids to perform "Le Freak" at a school assembly for recruitment purposes. They stage a coup and perform a highly sexualized "Push It" instead of the suicidal disco number, landing glee club in a bit of hot water but exponentially increasing its popularity. Their first new recruits, however, aren't in it for the singing. Finn's celibate cheerleader girlfriend Quinn and two of her Cheerio friends become gleeks in order to keep tabs on Finn and Rachel, and to spy on glee club for Sue. Rachel is still hopelessly devoted to Finn, and when she impresses him with her singing and with her pro-contraceptive outburst at the celibacy club, they share a sweet kiss that's interrupted by Finn' When he runs out, she clearly thinks it's something she did wrong. After Quinn joins glee club and it appears that Finn won't be kissing Rachel again any time soon, she and the glee gals treat us to a heartfelt performance of "Take a Bow" by Rihanna. Aww. Emma and Will's burgeoning relationship isn't going any better, unfortunately. When football coach and Emma-admirer Ken spies them sharing an adorable moment while working late-night, he gives Emma a talk about the dangers of chasing married soon-to-be-fathers, and she stops things with Will before they can really get going. Even though she's a little bit of a crazy-eyed stalker, I wish those two kids could work it out. Especially since Terri starts the episode as a pregnant psycho who insists that Will work as a night janitor so that they can buy an unnecessarily fancy house that they can't afford, and ends the episode as a fake-pregnant psycho (yes, it's a hysterical pregnancy) who pretends she wants to compromise by renovating their current apartment and working on their relationship. Wow. To Read More Click Here