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Quinn's number fit well with the episode's theme, but it seems like it was pulled out of Turturro's Romance and Cigarettes... right down to a James Brown song. Just swap "Man's World" with "Prisoner of Love" and set it in a Jersey Street annnnnnnnnnnd 'scene'.

Is it just me or is there too much singing?

Don't get me wrong I love glee and I understand that yesterday's episode was an homage to Madonna so they needed to sing many of her songs to pay their respects. But I'm scared that this will become a weekly thing with close to five songs per episode and then it'll get to that point where its a bit overkill. Or maybe I am the one confused thought it was a meant to be a TV show with a musical aspect and not a musical disguised as a TV show? The episode had a lovely message though and their rendition of 'Like A Prayer' completely brightened my day and I liked the fact that some of the minor characters like Santana got to sing and play important roles.


this is one of the series I am adding to my collection, I absolutley Love it, the drama the singing the dancing...one show leaves you wanting more....


glee is officially taking over my life. its amazing. i cant live without it!!!!

Glee Season 1, Episode 13: Did the Fall Finale Leave You Gleeful? - Featured

The drama! The heartache! The faby and Sue Sylvester insanity! I, for one, was a little nervous that the Glee fall finale, ' Sectionals ,' would focus on enormous cliffhangers like Finn only almost finding out about the Puck baby daddy drama and leaving us hanging on if Emma and Ken got married or not. But oh no! Glee doesn't need no stinkin' cliffhangers!! Well, kind of, anyway. They didn't need to leave us hanging on if Emma would go through with marrying Ken, but they did have to leave us with the insanely gleeful moment of Emma and Will kissing with no further development! And they did show us the glee club not only pulling through at sectionals but winning, AND they did go for it with the Puck truth coming out, but they left us hanging on where the baby love triangle would go from here, plus if Rachel has a chance with Finn. Along with all that, we're set up for some absolutely fan-freaking-tastic Sue drama. We've boarded "the Sue Sylvester express... destination... HORROR!" Who can wait months for that?? So, with all these crazy happenings, were you left feeling completely satisfied and gleeful like me, or are you hurting too much with the semi-cliffhangers and the way we're left for the Glee-less 4 months ahead? Gleek out in the comments below!

Mattress Talk: Will and Terri?

I really felt sorry for Terri, I mean I really felt sorry for her. All this time she felt that lying to her husband was the best way to keep their relationship strong. We have all seen this type of relationship. The fact that Terri pointed out that Will was a better husband when he felt sorry for himself, was bad enough. What relationship you know survived after a lie, blown out of proportion, was revealed? We knew the moment would come for Will to stumble upon Terri's lie, I mean really how long could she have kept it up. There could have been times where he could turn around and surprise her with her belly rub. Even though she became extremely alert in bed, there would be that time for the coin to drop and the two faces revealed, but I really did not expect it. While Will went scouting for his pocket square, I knew the moment had arrived for him to connect the dots. I seriously thought he was going to hit her there! Even though everything she went through to cover it up, was manipulative and conceited, I still felt remorse. The fact she believed that a lie could help their marriage was beyond saddening. I mean really, I understand her. I don't think Will should have suffered through the false believe of being a father, but I also didn't appreciate his love affair with Emma when he believed he was going to be a father. Even when Terri was believed to be pregnant, he held on to his misguided feelings for Emma, so imagine if Terri broke the news then, to go and ask Emma what was to be his next move. I mean a marriage is supposed to mean something, and even Emma told Terri to back off when she thought Terri was getting in the way. The irony. The moment he realized the pregnancy was fake was the biggest moment for me. He said he loved her, but I really couldn't believe him, especially since he couldn't stand spending time with her at school as well as home because 'they would have nothing to talk about at home'. Their marriage was really 'messed up' from the start. Terri: "Do you remember that appointment, do you remember what was said? That at that moment, no matter what happened, we loved each other" After hearing those words and finding out she wasn't pregnant, in Terri's crazy state, I could imagine why she would feel the need to lie. It didn't all start out as a lie. Their relationship was torn, the typical pregnancy to keep the marriage going has been misused and often times fell through the cracks. Things are often more successful when a baby is actually involved. She probably already lost him, so what exactly did she have to hold on to. I hold my opinion, I do feel sorry for her, no one would ever want to be in that situation, especially when a simple human error was made and having a sister that condones it doesn't really help. I could tell she did care about him, but after he turned his back to her, I really do not know if there's any coming back from that. I commend Jessalyn Gilsig and Matthew Morrison for that rendering performance, well done. Lexa

What was up with Puck?

For the past series of episodes since Quinn's pregnancy was revealed, we've been seeing the softer side of Puck. What was with the sudden turnaround this past episode? It seemed really out of character to me. Any thoughts?

Glee 1x09 "Wheels"

Who else cried on last night's episode of Glee? And if you haven't seen it, I dare you not to cry.

Aww...Puck & Rachel : (

Ok, so I know it's supposed to be all about Finn & Rachel and Puck & Quinn (and I'm cool with that), but I was actually hoping Puck & Rachel would have lasted beyond one episode. Why couldn't Finn & Quinn pine over Puckberry some more? Honestly, I was slightly annoyed when Rachel saw Finn's face as they were making out...maybe it's because I think Puck is hotter, and after all the longing Rachel has had for Finn (and he's still with Quinn), I think Rachel should have been allowed to enjoy the warm & fuzzies with someone else for a bit. I was also annoyed at Quinn's love-gaze during Puck's serenade to Rachel. She shot him down b/c he wasn't good enough, and now that he shows affection to someone else, she's all starry-eyed. Whatever. I was looking forward to Puck connecting with Rachel a bit more, but I suppose he did show his softer side in her tribute song (though it was done under the premise of proving himself worthy to get in her pants), and he is Puck, so I didn't expect him to turn into a marshmallow or anything, but still... I enjoyed the epi overall: there were definitely some laughs and fun song & dance sequences (enjoyed watching Will "Bust A Move" with the Gleeks; Will & Sue's swing dance number was awesome; and Emma sang beautifully during her sweet dance with Will in the bridal shop), but I was a little disappointed at the end. Will and Emma had another "parting moment" (Whyyyy?!!! These two are killin me softly...) and Rachel ended things with Puck just as, I felt, he was at the point of opening up a bit. I think he was hard and cold with her because she hurt him, and that's been his way of protecting himself (at least, that's what I want to believe, because I'm hoping he's more than a one-dimensional character). Perhaps the writers didn't want to keep them together very long because they're not "the" couple, and didn't want people to get too attached to them and lose sight of Rachel & Finn, but honestly, I felt teased with this whole Puckberry union. I'm hoping they haven't completely dropped the idea, and that there is more to come on this front in future epis...we shall see. Are there any more Puckberry lovers out there who feel my pain? Any Wemma-shippers? Sound off here...

Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Wednesday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! It was fun to see what shows win your Monday Timeslots , so now let's talk the next eventful TV night: Wednesday! Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Wednesday timeslots! Wednesday at 8/7c: America's Next Top Model on The CW So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Mercy on NBC The New Adventures of Old Christine on CBS Wednesday at 9/8c: Glee on Fox Modern Family and/or Cougar Town on ABC Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC Criminal Minds on CBS Wednesday at 10/9c: Eastwick on ABC CSI: NY on CBS The Jay Leno Show on NBC South Park on Comedy Central Top Chef on Bravo