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Introducing the SideReel Flunkies! Suggest Categories Now! (Closed) - Featured

Category nominations are now closed. You may cast your votes here: Vote in the SideReel Flunkies You may have noticed...there's been a ton of celebration lately of all of the good TV that's aired in the past season. Our friends over at E!Online have been running their Tater Tots awards for the last few weeks now, saluting all of TV's favorites and bests. In September, we'll also have the Emmys! But what about when the stuff on TV is...less than good? A confession: Even when the TV gets kind of bad, we still find ourselves watching. So, we began thinking...why not a celebration of the bad - kind of like a TV Razzie Awards , if you will. Therefore, we're introducing our First Annual SideReel Flunkies - where we'll be celebrating (or lambasting...look at it however you please) the failures of the last season. We know we want to have the following categories: -Worst New Show -Worst Couple -Worst Plotline -Worst Cast Cut -Worst Season Finale However, we're looking to have 10 Total categories, which means there's 5 more up for grabs. Nominate any 'TV worst' that you believe deserves a category. Feel free to second somebody else's nomination as well. We'll search through the comments for the best suggestions and most votes and will select the remaining 5 categories from there. After we have selected the 10 categories, we will open nominations for shows that qualify for each category. Ready, set, go! Disclaimer: Series superfans, it is ok to love a show, but dislike a certain aspect of it. Don't get too angry if we harp on your favorites...it's all in good fun!

Gossip Girl Father Fodder: Who Should Play Papa van der Woodsen?

When last we saw our favorite Upper East Siders on Gossip Girl , Serena van der Woodsen was heading to Fiji to find her dear old dad. The mystery man who fathered the blond bombshell and her brother, Eric, has never really been mentioned-only as an aside in tales of their mom's various husbands and escapades-but it seems likely that he might finally become a living, breathing presence on the show next year. So with all the other exciting casting announcements this week (Hilary Duff, Joanna Garcia), we got to wondering who might score the paternal part. We exclusively chatted up the van der Woodsen kids themselves, Blake Lively and Connor Paolo, and you'll never guess who they think should fill their papa's shoes... "Brad Pitt," Blake exclaimed when we asked her about it at the upfronts. "Or maybe [he should be cast] as my new boyfriend." The beauty's onscreen brother was a bit more realistic. Sorta. "We've been asking since day one who daddy dearest is, so it'll be good to find out," he told us. "I'd say Christopher Walken could make a great dad. I think he'd be a great papa van der Woodsen. I think [his and Lily's] dynamic would be awesome. I'll push that one. Or maybe Jack Nicholson." But at age 72, isn't Jack a little old? Maybe he should be grandpa, we suggested. "I think, with Lily, he could be dad," he asserted. Point taken. So what do you think? Are Walken and Kelly Rutherford meant to be, or should it be someone else? Let us know your thoughts-and who you think would be the ideal father figure for Serena and Eric. Source Here

Father's Day Duke-out: Nominate your Favorite TV Dads! - Featured

As we celebrate our own dads, granddads, and father-figures this weekend for Father's Day, it's only right to give our favorite TV dads some appreciation too! Afterall, they've taught us many a lesson our dads were trying to teach while we were too engrossed in the TV to hear, and have kept us laughing, smiling, and shedding a few tears over the years. So, we want your nominations for your favorite TV dads, then we'll have a friendly Father's Day duke-out where the dads nominated will then have to compete for your votes as the top favorite TV dad on SideReel! Comment below telling us your favorite TV dads, and feel free to list as many as you want, plus list someone already noted by another Reeler. Nominations will be accepted Wednesday (6/17) through Friday morning (6/19), then we'll begin the duke-out voting round for SideReel's favorite dad that will run Friday through Sunday. Go forth and nominate!

song at the end

hey! Does anyone know which song it is at the end, when chuck finally said he loves blair? And am I the only one who misses the nate - jenny hookin up thing? I so badly hoped the're goin to be back together or at least hook up again. Further the more I hate Gorgina, but I wanna know what she did to puppie. Hope to watch season 3 soon. xoxo

Good bye gossip girl

Hey does anyone now how I can watch good bye gossip girl episode

gossip girl question,

when is gossip girl coming back ! anyone know? hope im not waiting too long!

just a question

when will the 3rd season begin?!..

Who are YOUR all-time favorite character?

vote her for your favorite couple! Gossip girl, OTH, 90210, OC? Vote here! xoxo

Discuss: Is "Valley Girls" Spinoff Worthy? - Featured

Last night's 80s flashback episode, "Valley Girls" was also the set up for a potential Gossip Girl spinoff (sometimes titled the former, sometimes titled "Lily"), focusing on Lily's wild years in the 80s with her sister in the Valley. While initially the buzz for this show was very strong and a pickup was likely, lately things have been cooling down . However...after watching this episode, we thought we'd ask you your opinion! Based on last night's episode, did you see a potential show? Should Valley Girls/Lily/GG Spinoff get greenlit...would you watch? Personally, while I found Brittany Snow well-cast (and I loved seeing Andrew McCarthy on TV yet again following the Lipstick Jungle ax...though he seems forever relegated to the "rich jerk" role)...I'm not sure I saw a whole show there. As many of you have pointed out, Lily is not exactly the most interesting or loved character on Gossip Girl as it is. A whole show about her...where she pretty much just acts like Serena in the 80s...I just don't know. Of course, Josh Schwartz has clearly proven himself to be an incredibly talented guy between The O.C. , Gossip Girl and Chuck , so perhaps if given some time and room to grow, the show could develop into something worth watching. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Mistake on the Gossip Girl page

Gossip Girl Season two is locked and it says to contact you to edit it. Episode 23 "The Wrath of Con" has a description that is completely incorrect the correct description would be more like: Blair plays on Georgina's guilt over her checkered past and ropes her into helping with a scheme. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nate's competition over Blair heats up, and Lily finds a covert way to assist with Dan's college tuition.