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Casting calls

Does anyone know about open casting calls for Gossip Girl? Please tell. thanks

Gossip Girl Books?

Hi! I like the television show Gossip Girl very much and I was wondering if anyone maybe read the books of Gossip Girl?? I would like to know if the books are interesting and if they're as much fun as the programme on the television?? And does anybody know how many books there exactly are and where I can possibly buy them? Thanks!!

Song at end of You've got Yale

I feel like I have heard this song a million times but I just can't place it. Can some one tell me who the artist is and the name of the song.

Gossip Girl Featured Discussion: You've Got...No Screen Time?

In last night's entertaining episode of Gossip Girl , "You've Got Yale" - and this season in general - I've been noticing how in each episode, at least one major character all but disappears with no explanation. This week, Jenny was 100% absent. 2 weeks ago, both Nate and Vanessa were entirely gone. Also this week, Nate and Vanessa had quite minimal screen time - and their storyline was pretty inconsequential to the episode at large. If you think about it, Dan didn't have all too much going on either, besides whining on about Serena not wanting to go to the same college as him and the genesis of some sort of inappropriate student/teacher relationship. Too bad they don't live in Washington state ... And...while there has been way less Nate, Jenny and Vanessa, there has been twice as much Rufus and Lily. So...do you like this style of individual episodes leaving out certain characters to give a greater focus on other ones? Would you rather see every character in every episode...but for slightly less time? Would you rather they toned down the Rufus/Lily grossness? Do you even feel all that much chemistry between them (sorry, but for me they are no Sandy and Kirsten Cohen...)?

A few good pics


SEE PREVIEW I think this is going to be an amazing episode. Why? because they are all amazing. Honestly, I can't think of another show that has been so consistent. Most tv shows take a full season to work out the kinks but GG has been great from episode 1. Discuss! SEE PREVIEW

i want to be your gossip girl!

READ MORE Heyy Gossip Girl Fans! I just want to quickly introduce myself before i start posting; I am a teenager from the North East of England and i love Gossip Girl! I hope to be focusing on the fashion in Gossip Girl and one of my posts planned for you is one that goes through all the episodes and picks out a charactors amazingly fantastic (and credit card aching) outfits... READ MORE

Gone with the Will- a little dissapointing...?

I hope im not the only one, but while watching this episode i found myself skipping all the rufus-lily bits and alot of the Serena, jenny and eric bits....im a chair fan and was dying to know what jack and blairs secret was, and plus i had read the spoilers about rufus/lily & the serena/dan story was predictable so ther was no point watching those bits! It's not usually like Gossip Girl to leave things secret for more than one episode so they should have really given us the dirty on blair/jack already! And good on Blair for standing up for herself against Chuck...however i hope this isnt the end of chair becasue that would be a shame. Shocked that Chuck didnt realise Jacks intentions earlier...he's clearly not on the ball anymore...i liked the chuck that was always one step ahead of everyone else! Chuck and Blair should team up to exterminate Jack once and for all....it's been ages since chair have worked together to oust someone!

GG Featured Discussion: Rufus and Lily? Serena and Dan? Both? Neither?

Last night's episode of Gossip Girl put last week's big question on the total back burner ...unless I slept through some explanation of whatever happened between Blair and Jack Bass. I assume this issue will be revisited soon. This week...we follow Rufus and Lily to Boston where they search for their long-lost son. Dan is still hiding this tidbit from Serena, but thanks to a recently-turned-evil Nellie Yuki and an unfortunately descriptive text message courtesy of Vanessa, the news is soon public. So...while not technically related genetically, Dan and Serena now share a half-sibling. Is is gross if they still date? What if their parents are dating (or at least sleeping together) too? Imagine the explanation to the long lost Andrew: Lily : Hi son, I'm your mother and Serena is my daughter. Rufus : Hi son, I'm your father and Dan is my (other) son. Dan : I'm your half brother! Serena : I'm your half sister! Lily : So...btw I'm dating Rufus and Dan is dating Serena. Basically we're all dating each other. But somehow it's all legal. I swear. Rufus : You can't, however, date Jenny. That would be illegal. Welcome to the family, son. Time to choose your Gossip Girl couples, because I think it's safe to say that it would be all too disturbing if Rufus/Lily and Serena/Dan stick together once the dead-half-brother-who-isn't-actually-dead comes to town. So...which couple would you rather see together? Rufus and Lily? Serena and Dan? Both (because somehow you don't think it's weird)? Neither?

OMFG - Will Blair really do THIS to Chuck?

I saw the preview of the next episode "Gone with the will" and it looks like Blair is going to cheat on Chuck with Jack, his uncle??? I'm dying to know! So what do you think?