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Gossip Girl: The Evolution of Chuck Bass

Arguably one of the top two most interesting characters on the show, Chuck Bass has gone through some changes in the last 1 1/2 seasons. In the season one pilot, he wanders around Central Park smoking a joint while razzing Nate for not yet taking Blair's virginity. This is the mildest of the offensive things he does/says in the episode. Chuck spots Serena drinking her troubles away at a hotel bar (presumably his father's). She mentions hunger. He baits her with the promise of a grilled cheese with truffle oil and she follows him back to the kitchen. Thinking a sandwich is a fair trade for sex, he tries to force himself on her. She gets free from his evil clutches by kicking him in the balls. ...continue reading

season 2 Episode 12

hey! mind telling me when is season 2 episode 12 of gossip girl is coming out?? i really can't wait to watch the next episode!


what happen to this weeks episode of gossip girl...it wasnt on just one tree hill was on..will it be back soon..asap


When it was first told that there was a person going to die in GG, and that it was gonna be a male character everyone was like "yeah it's gonna be Bart". But I'm not sure. Am I the only one who things it might be Aaron? I know his storyline in the books go on and stuff, but it's not like they actually kept the book-storylines anyway. So: Aaron is going to die?

Aaron Rose or Dan Humphrey? Who fits better for Serena?

Ok, here is a question for u... Judging by the episodes we have seen with Aaron Rose. Who do you think fits better with Serena? Is it Aaron Rose or Dan Humphrey? I dont like this Aaron Rose, I dont think he fits with Serena at all. Im a huge DARENA fan so hopefully it will be some Serena & Dan action coming up ahead through this second season. GO DARENA! -Nickz