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The Two Gossip Girl Couples We Haven't Seen

We were thinking it would be fun to poll Gossip Girl fans on which hookup they would most like to see among the characters that the CW series has not already done. Then we thought about it some more and realized there are only two (not counting Dan-Jenny and excluding Eric, for obvious reasons) such combinations remaining: * Chuck and Serena * Dan and Blair Yup, they've tried everything else. Nate? He's obviously slept his way through the UES. But Vanessa has even gotten with the three dudes at one point or another. Would anyone want to see these two couples, though? Even just once? Chair is sort of the bedrock of the show, and Dan and Serena have a lot of fan support, too. Mix them up and you'd have crazy scandal ... maybe that would stop Gossip Girl. Or it'd be just what the producers want. Remember Jenny and Chuck? Just saying. Thoughts? We're sure you have them. Comment and vote below ... Source Here

Gossip Girl This Fall: Parlez Vous Gossip?!

Parlez vous Gossip? As if being rich and gorgeous in the hottest metropolis on earth wasn't enough- Gossip Girl bff's are hopping the pond this fall to the fashion capitol of the world Paris. From the best coast of Manhattan B and S are popping on over to Paris, for drama and adventure and luxury on location in the city of lights and love. Don't worry- the only one's dying on GOSSIP GIRL are the fans- best of luck to Chuck after his shooting had him hanging in the balance- he's back kids- at least that's how it looked at The CW upfronts last week! The writing team and CW execs both are paying attention- newer and hotter storylines are popping as Generation D's favorite children of privilege are growing up and their scandals getting more, well, SCANDALOUS!

What Needs To Happen:

What needs to happen: Im getting bored here. Jenny needs to finally get laid, but get pregnant. I really hate her stupid blonde hair and big eyes and makeup lol. She's such a bitch too, everything I hate except she's not a slut, yet. Nate needs to become an a-hole. Sorry, but he's such a boring character. Grow a set, nate. Serena should start partying and drinking and being a bitch and doing drugs again. Make her interesting. Dan and Vanessa? I don't even know, something exciting. These two are such a boring couple lol, getting upset over their stupid screenplay things. Dan, sleep with Serena again, Vanessa, become a drunken whore. Blair and Chuck were interesting last season, but now they suck. Blair, throw some parties and be a bitch. Chuck, be a manwhore again. You guys are split now, right? LILY AND RUFUS: YOU CLEARLY CAN'T BE MARRIED AND YOU CANT LIVE TOGETHER. JUST BE F-BUDDIES, OK? Bring their son back. He can start a relationship with Vanessa instead, stir things up a bit. Serena and the drug boy, whose name I forget need to have an affair. Bring Serena and Eric's father into the show, please. Show Jenny back at school as queen bee again. Whatever happened to Lily's sister, by the way? Is she dead or something??

A Dose of Reality for Gossip Girl's "The Hurt Locket"

The Hurt Locket - It almost pains me that the title of this week's episode resembles this year's Best Picture. I feel like I drop several IQ points each time I watch Gossip Girl - which is probably why I keep watching it. I don't know any better! Either way, this was a terrible episode from every aspect, but I'll focus on just one: Yes, this is a show about rich, spoiled kids who have everything handed to them on a silver platter. But can we at least make it a TAD realistic? First of all, Jenny has never given ANY hints about being interested in drugs, and then, out of the blue, she becomes a drug dealer's personal assistant? Simply because she was thrown into giving him a tour of the city? Yeah right! The writers briefly alluded to her being in a phase of "rebellion." If this is a rebellion, why isn't she taking the drugs herself? Next point on the agenda: Rufus. Rufus who has "always" been in love with Lilly since they were friends as kids. Remember that Rufus? Well, out of the blue, he's changed and visits other women simply because Lilly "kissed" her ex-husband. But not before he spends weeks moping around about it, REFUSING to talk to Lilly. C'MON! Yes, interesting plot lines are needed but don't sacrifice the character because you can't come up with something better! And don't even get me started on the fact that Chuck - who is so promiscuous - is free of STDs. Oh, and at 20, he can invest in entire hotels. Whoa, dose of reality there as well. And the whole Nate and Serena not being able to keep their hands off each other. By all means, writers and producers of Gossip Girl - perpetuate the lie that a relationship cannot start without sex and that it's sex that makes the relationship "work." I mean, can ANYBODY on Gossip Girl keep it in their pants? I'm surprised Jenny is a virgin! Anyway, before you bash me on the fact that this is just a TV show. Yes, I realize that, thank you Capt'n Obvious. But I also know that in order to tell a meaningful story, you have to incorporate some truth in it. The whole story can be fictional but it has to make the reader (or viewer in this case) feel like they can relate to some aspect of it. Not all - but some. Since few of us are filthy rich brats, what else does Gossip Girl provide for us that we can relate to? Oh yes, that's right. Nothing. Do you agree?

Gossip Girl Valentine's Day Wishes: Which Upper East Siders Belong Together? - Featured

It's almost Valentine's Day and no matter if you're missing your sweetie or making romantic plans with him or her, there's definitely something all us CW fanatics are seriously missing: Gossip Girl ! So, while we continue to await GG's March return, let's do a little Vday love matching. Gossip Girl is one of the most intertwined, confusing, and sometimes almost incestuous, show when it comes to our favorite characters' love lives, so we want to know who of all the love pairings for the main characters you think they are meant to be with. For example, I used to be a big fan of Serena and Dan, but now in Season 3, I can't possibly imagine them together ever again! As a true-blue Chuck and Blair fan, I cringe at the rumors of their impending break up! So how about you? Who of these pairing below (or other unmentioned matches) do you think belong together? Chuck & Blair Nate & Blair Nate & Serena Nate & Vanessa Nate & Jenny Dan & Serena Dan & Vanessa Dan & Georgina Here's hoping all our Gossip Girl Valentine's Day wishes come true!

Gossip Girl

I think that Serena should be with Dan, Chuck wih Blair, and Nate with Jenny. This should be the ending of this story. Serena with Dan are so sweet in the season 1. Hope that they will be together in the end.

Eric back on the heterosexual bandwagon????!!!!!

I just watched the season 3 premiere and was slightly puzzled by Eric seeming to check Jenny out when he sat down beside her by the pool at the start of the episode. It looked like his girl blinkers had just been removed. Is he really into girls after all that drama in season 1? Will him and Jenny begin an incestuous relationship in the near future? Or am I just seeking out further drama where there is none....

Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 1: 'Reversals of Fortune' - OMG or WTF? - Featured

Welcome back, Upper East Siders! We got our most delicious guilty pleasure of Gossip Girl back with the Season 3 premiere, ' Reversals of Fortune ,' so what did you think? Was it as shockingly dramalicious as you'd hoped or did you find the Season 3 premiere to be too much catch-up leaving the real drama of the summer to our imaginations? It seems like the 'Chair' drama may be a bit strained now that they're actually together, and Serena having another crazy summer with another crazy guy and the not-so-shocking revelation that things didn't go so well with her dad, plus Nate having another new summer fling... it all seems a little old hat and like a bunch of dead ends. But maybe there's hope for dramatic revival? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments!

Gossip Girl Season 3

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long after the episode will it be able to watch on here?