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Did you know that rum contains more flavor components than any other spirit? Or that the latest behind-the-bar trend in swanky Manhattan steakhouses is called 'molecular mixology?' From flaming buckets of champagne to microbrews loaded with vitamins to Leningrad-themed vodka parties with mink coats and hats, FINE LIVING TV NETWORK's original series, Great Cocktails, is an expert guide to what to drink and where to drink it. This 13-part series travels America to give viewers a taste of the hottest trends and the newest blends in the world of cocktails and entertaining. Along the way, viewers sip on insider secrets to share with neighbors and co-workers at the next big party. Great Cocktails covers everything from trendy bars to distilleries and popular finger foods to pioneering products. Hold your glass up high--it's time for FINE LIVING's Great Cocktails!

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