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where's the show?!

Last week the episode was on so early after the show had aired. What happened this week? will it be on at all tonight? did it actually air?

Greek Fans: Who Should Casey Be With?

The season (or "chapter" or whatever) finale of Greek isn't until Monday night, but I'm already thinking about it. We've been watching Casey's sort of push-pull relationship with Max (while she clearly still has some feelings for Cappie) and in Monday's episode we'll see Casey truly confront the question of who she should be with: Max or Cappie? What do you think? Geeky, sweet Max, or funny, straight-shootin' Cappie? Or do you think she and Evan would still make sense together? Or should she just be single? Source Here

Where's GREEK going???

I can't help but feel a little disappointed by the return of Greek this season. I was really excited for the return but the first episode left a lot to be desired and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I find the plots rather blah, the whole Evan losing himself storyline isn't progressing fast enough in my opinion. Also the Rusty and Andy and the girl (i forgot her name) triangle gets a big yawn from me! Also I expected more ZBZ and IKI rivalry with a lot more plotting and drama. I feel kind of let down as I love Greek but it's getting kind of boring :( anyone else feel that way???

Who's Your Favorite ABC Family Character? - Featured

With so many great original ABC Family shows and movies, there are plenty of characters to love from the relatable college kids on Greek and high school kids on The Secret Life of The American Teenager , to the fantasy-tastic Kyle on Kyle XY , and the wonderful families like the Caldwells of the Au Pair movies. Here are some of our ABC Family favorites, so comment with your favs from this list or any other favorite characters from ABC Family shows and movies! Katie Caldwell - Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise , Au Pair 1 & 2 Jenny Morgan - Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise , Au Pair 1 & 2 Alex Caldwell - Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise , Au Pair 1 & 2 Oliver Caldwell - Au Pair 3: Adventure in Paradise , Au Pair 1 & 2 Casey Cartwright - Greek Cappie - Greek Amy Juergens - The Secret Life of The American Teenager Ben Boykewich - The Secret Life of The American Teenager Kyle - Kyle XY Jessi - Kyle XY Charles Antoni - Lincoln Heights Cassie Sutton - Lincoln Heights Alex Delgado - The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing The Dream Kylie Shines - The Circuit Heaven - Samurai Girl Photos courtesy of ABC Family

Cancellation Talk: Why Shows Are Better Off On Cable

ABC Family doesn't seem like the right place for Greek . Why? Because ABC Family seems like the place for Samurai Girl and The Secret Life . What should a cable channel (fit to be viewed only by preteens), do when it gets a show way out of its league? Stick with it. Maybe that's the reason the show is in its second season. If it were on CBS I would give it a week before getting replaced by a show beginning with the three letters C ,S, and I. TvByTheNumbers has their......... Continue Reading

when will we have greek back?

I didn't even know there was a 'midseason finale'! so imagine my surprise today when I logged in to watch greek and no new chapter online! when will it come back? 'till next year?? come on!!!! i love this show.. btw. frannie sucks big time. i've had enough of her and evan. anyway.. bye.

Where is episode 5?

I don't live in the US, so i can't watch the one link that is posted. Does anyone else know where to find one? I WANT EPISODE 5! ;)

Shows Where Music Plays a Role

EW has assembled a list of 15 shows where they consider the music to be a "costar" (as in, takes on an important role). They include: The O.C. The Hills Entourage Gilmore Girls Grey's Anatomy Swingtown The L Word Greek One Tree Hill Miami Vice Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) Buffy the Vampire Slayer Felicity Veronica Mars Dawson's Creek Any shows missing from this list? One addition for me would be Scrubs , which I can only assume Zach Braff has contributed to musical selections because they frequently sound straight off of the Garden State soundtrack. Also, for the record, EW mentions "How to Save a Life" as being prominent in Grey's, but that song was actually featured first in Scrubs! I remember it distinctly. Also, who finds it interesting that the vast majority of shows where music is viewed to be prominent is in shows geared towards young people? via EW

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song title!!

ah. so i havent watched the show in so long. but there is a song in one of the eppies that i want to download. but i cant remember which eppy it was!! basically, if i remember correctly, the song is about another friday night fighing, and by the end of the song, they get through the night without fighing. the singer is a guy. if i remember correctly also, the song starts playing at a part in the show where a bunch of people are just sitting around on a couch..thats all i can remember!! :| if anyone can help, ill love you forever!!