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Arizona + Wallace + Timetable Confusion

I think I may be confused by the timetable here. Arizona came to SGH after Dr. Kenley (the Pediatric attending) had a heart attack in front of Jackson Prescott. I remember the chief telling Bailey that she was first in her class like her etc...and that no one else would take the job because of all the crazy mishaps around the hospital. But, Wallace had been living at Seattle Grace for the last 7 months with his condition...and Arizona had been treating him for the last two years..? Then, in the episode where she & Callie were at the park & in the Roshoman epi where she yelled at Little Grey, it is implied that she had JUST moved to Seattle. Callie & Arizona have been dating for what...? Two months? And Arizona has been at Seattle Grace for maybe 2 1/2? I'm so confused with the time-table. Has Arizona been in Seattle for years, months...etc and at Seattle Grace for how long..? Made no sense. Besides all that confusion, I really did like the episode. Loved Jcaps performance and all the scenes with her & Callie (especially the "lack of support" scene at Callie's apartment and the scene downstairs after Wallace died). I think we really got to see why Callie loves her. It was nice. But anyway, that original question of mine is still puzzling..

There is just too much going on.

The main characters get so little screen time and I hate it because I don't like the new characters and don't care about their storylines. They don't give us enough time with the characters we love and now everything feels different. Meredith and Derek got a bit of screen time together, which was good, it looks like everything between them is going great. Christina, who was once my favorite character, is slowly becoming more and more immature. She used to be a robot but you knew she cared underneath and even helped people she didn't like. Now, she just seems silly and high-shcoolish. Read More


Okay so i liked the episode about arizona alot better than the one about mcdreamy, also wasn't he fired hello forgot about that for a few episodes, also i don't think izzy is prego because of her treatment she couldn't have done it i think everyone is going to find out about the baby that she gave away, and i think that teacher may have something to do with it it is weird the way she acts with him what do you guys think????

Last song in last nights ep?

Anyone know the last song in the nov 12th episode?

seatlle grace cuts

Ok so tell me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the hospital firing people cause of the budget? If so, how can they be firing peoiple like izzy and the other girl yet hire a new surgeon, even if it is part time? seems like a lapse in the story line theyre trying to pull off if you ask me. You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.

Sorry But Bailey....

Well let's remember she's always screaming at everybody for any mistakes they've made....for example: Izzie?, she made her feel like crap (with a valid point, she didnt read the chart... ) but with the chief she was all "no worries work-husband, i'll keep the BIGGEST MISTAKE a general surgeon could make a secret"...what??????....

Hair sure grows fast...

Just sayin'. Chemo, no chemo. This is not a wig and I am not fooled! (Just sayin')

Cristina's Motorcycle

Is it just me or would you just LOVE to see her motorcycle brought back. It would be so cool to see her and Owen riding, maybe she driving him. They havent adressed her bike since like Season 1!! and i realize that now she lives right across the street, but in season 1 it felt like that's who they made her out to be, a biker, but they never showed it again, not even a helmet, even when she was living with Burke, which was NOT across the street. or when she would show up at Mer's. Do you agree it would be cool to see her bike again??

how about this couple

rerek richard and derek, do you know if there is tension?

I was trying to remember

A few weks ago, Bailey made some coment about 4 of her interns being on her operating table. Izzie - cancer Meredith - the ferry episodes George - John Doe When were Alex or Cristina injured/sick?