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why do so many hate reed?

so what if shes a little nosy, he clearly can't do his job if hes worried about izzie, and if that effects his work then yes i'd question him too. He is the dick to me. i also find the mercy west doctors a breath of fresh air, its about time this was a medical show again.

patrick dempsey

so im babysitting and watching enchanted. for some reason i cant see him in anything else but greys anatomy, and it bothers me. lol yeah i know im weird but hey is there anyone with me on this?

this show has never been better...

...too bad Izzy and Meredith are coming back. What do you think about it?? I am not happy at all

Invest in Love

I loved this episode. It was one of the best episodes of Greys in a while. Loved everything with Callie and Arizona. Also have to say great work by Chandra Wilson in her directorial debut in Give Peace a Chance. Also a great episode. Callie and Arizona for life.

I think they are bringing Dr. Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs)from PP

For what I saw yesterday something will be going on between Bailey and him and he turned up to be a cardio something... I will love to see Burke back (I know, I can't believe I am saying it either) but we'll see.

Cannot blame Izzie for blaming Alex !!

Izzie is an emotional person who just lost her best friend and nearly died herself. Then she was scared of getting fired. CHIEF, in this emotional state, practicaly TOLD HER that Alex didn't have confidence in her skill. CHIEF MISLED her. Alex is a good guy. Izzie cares about him very much. But right now, she feels betrayed that the person closest to her got her fired. Everyone thinks that she is weak because of cancer. Alex is a doting husband especially because he nearly lost her. She needs to know the truth about Alex. But until she does, she is going to belive that firing was because of him.. Cant blame her. But I do hope that the truth comes out and Izzie will apologize and Alex will accept And Reed will go to hell. With Chief.

what did she say?

What were Izzy and Cristina saying right before Alex saw Izzy? I heard something with "complete idiot"...

Stupid that the chief wanted Arizona to do the surgery but not Derek

The Chief didn't want Derek to do the surgery on the guy with the big ass tumor but he wanted Arizona to do her equally-dangerous and impossible surgery. He's pissing me off. Derek's patient lives and Derek gets fired, Arizona's patient dies and she gets to stay, maybe because of the 25m. Sorry if this was discussed before.

Katherine Heigl to take another leave of absence for personal reasons!

Question: Is Izzie really pregnant on Grey’s Anatomy? —Elle This is getting ridiculous now! In season four she asked them to reduce her story lines, because she wanted to go and shoot a movie. Then she had the nerve to complain about her story lines that season. They recently let her leave for five episodes to go and shoot another movie. Now she's leaving again for maternity leave (Ellen Pompeo just had a baby and she won't be absent for any episodes!)? Izzie's character will be gone for 5+ episodes this season. They need to stop making so many special accommodations for her. The writers either need to kill her off permanently or write her off the show. She obviously doesn't want to be on the show anymore especially now that her best friend T.R. Knight is gone. Izzie now seems to be one of the most disliked character on the show swapping places with Meredith. They need to just write Heigl off.

Is Katherine Heigl coming back?

I apologize if this has been asked before but I stopped following the behind-the-scenes stuff for Grey's quite some time and I remember that she wanted to quit the show. Can anyone clear this up for me?