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Grey's Anatomy Finale Teaser!

Grey's Anatomy has become notorious for the ridiculous, scandalous, and often touching love life moments of the Seattle Grace docs! It's rumored that the finale will hold one particularly fantastic kiss, so check out the slightly spoilerific teaser for who might be involved: Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Not One, But Several Kisses Photo courtesy of

Clip (not just a promo) from Episode 15 "Losing My Mind"

Just came across this clip from tonights episode on it doesn't tell you much, but interesting to think about never the less :)

Grey's Anatomy sneak peak

Dr. Burke returns? Well, sort of... Grey's Anatomy episode 15 - Losing My Mind

The Return of Dr. Burke... picture form. If you have seen the previews for tonight's new episode of Grey's Anatomy then you will have seen Christina getting all upset upon seeing a newspaper article about Dr. Burke receiving some kind of prestigious award. Isaiah Washington's representatives have commented that he was "more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo... and indeed advanced his character's storyline." By surprised, they mean pissed off, as the representative also commented that, "Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action." I get that Washington is still annoyed about the whole being fired thing, but I honestly don't think that complaining about this will at all help his image. Thoughts? Source: TVGuide

Does Izzie Want Out?

Rumors are afloat that Katherine Heigl wants out of Grey's Anatomy , because, well, she has better things to do. A source told US Weekly that, "She's working really long hours and is ready to move on." That translates to...Katherine can get movie roles now and no longer needs you. At any rate, Heigl probably is locked into her current contract, which means she'll have to slum it around Seattle Grace for just a little bit longer. Source: MSNBC

Patrick Dempsey Transformation

McDreamy gets reviewed "then & now" by INSTYLE magazine... See the article here

Kate Walsh on her Grey's Return

Addison Montgomery returns (visits, really) on tonight's Grey's Anatomy ! See what Kate Walsh has to say about being back on the Grey's set and tonight's new episode. Kate Walsh Makes a Surprise House Call to Seattle Grace Photo courtesy of

EW Interview with Ellen Pompeo

Maybe it's because Meredith Grey has been pissing me off so much these days, but I somehow had become convinced that I didn't much like Ellen Pompeo either. However, I really enjoyed reading this Entertainment Weekly interview with the Grey's Anatomy star. Ellen Pompeo: Mer-Der, she wrote She knew exactly how to answer the tough questions and seems like a pretty down to earth kind of an actress who is really committed to her work. Image courtesy of

Grey's Return Sneak Peek!

Grey's Anatomy returns tonight along with Ugly Betty and Lost - oh what a night on ABC! Check out some sneak peek video previews of what we can expect for tonight's return episode, plus some news on what else is coming up for Grey's. Grey's Is Back! Get a Sneak Peek and Scoop on What's Ahead Photo courtesy of

Shonda Rhimes Previews the Grey's Return

Only one more week until the doctors of Grey's Anatomy will be heating up our TV screens once more. It has been so long since the last new episode of Grey's (the last pre-strike episode aired on January 10th) that I don't quite remember what was even going on, but if I had to guess: Meredith and Derek were fighting, George and Izzie were fighting, Bailey and her husband were fighting, etc. Luckily, Shonda Rhimes gave TV Guide a preview of what has been up and what is to come for the next 6 episodes. She promises more great drama - including George and Izzie struggling with their breakup, something juicy for Callie and as we have already heard, the return of Addison (for the May 1 episode). Read more over at TV Guide: Grey's Anatomy Preview