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second season

The first two seasons were the best... it all continued to go down hill when the third season started.

Hegal getting fat?

I think this show is about as silly as Desperate Housewives, but at least DH does not take itself so seriously. That said, is Katherine Hegal fat in this show? Her face looks wide and that hair crop she has going on does nothing to compliment it.

what happened to grey's anatomy ?

Guys season five was a disaster for grey's anatomy. Co-stars leaving is increasing, which began with Dr. Burk followd by Addison.....,etc. then in this season Deny came back, it was like a scary movie or something, as for the Deny part it wasn't realistic at all. Um a big fan of grey's anatomy and um inviting the grey's anatomy fans to disscus WUT THE H*** HAPPEND IN GREY'S ANATOMY???