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Lexie Gray calling a guy a jerk

I think one thing you females keep forgeting about us guys, we are simple!!!!!!!!!! We don't have hidden ajenda's we don't see what the other person is wearing and try and figure out what they are up to. We usually don't remember the first song, outfit, what shoes you were wearing. Feed us and give us sex we are happy. I have a hard time picking up on q's from people, I am overly shy and I have blown things in the past many times because I just haven't had all that much experience. I am not a player, I don't go around with a ton of different women, every once in awhile I will find someone nice. You women have to relize that we just don't pick up on your to suddle of hints, you have to tell us Chyler Leigh is very hot and congradulations on her third child. Katherine Heigl is also very hot and noticed her when she started in Roswell and just saw her new movie Ugly. Very funny.

Episode 4...

Just wondering how soon someone will post eppy 4 online for this week. I'm dying to watch it. Is it odd that the spot to add the new eppy that is usually empty.. isn't up yet? hmmmm?


haha, I just thought that was the funniest thing ever. That kid is sooo cute.