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what did she say?

What were Izzy and Cristina saying right before Alex saw Izzy? I heard something with "complete idiot"...

Izzie kept her eyebrows...

No, it is not true that you lose all of the hair on your body. Your information is incorrect. Some patients on chemo lose some or all of their hair, some keep it all. There are many different kinds of cancer and many different kinds of chemo and radiation therapies. My mother died of cancer recently after living with it for 15 years and spent the last several years receiving various chemo combinations with no breaks. In the last few years, she never lost her hair or eyebrows. 15 years ago when she had a different set of therapies she did lose her hair, but not her eyebrows. No use being annoyed about something that is not even factual.

Izzie kept her eyebrows...

When you go through chemo, you lose all of the hair on your body, including your eyebrows. Izzie kept her eyebrows throughout the entire process. Am I the only one slightly annoyed by this?

In a Real Hospital...

The woman's son with mental illness would've got pumped full of happy juice and been fitted with a strait jacket or something. But, I'd much rather see this world where doctors' skill and compassion are show cased. I just love TV.

Somebody should give Adrienne Barbeau a show

Maybe she could buy Mel's Diner and staff it with young men, but somebody should really give Ms. Barbeau a show.

Doctor morose that his pregnant girlfriend is "let go".

he is a doctor, yes. however, he is a second yr resident, practically slave labor. that coupled with the debt of paying for medical school (for both of them), wedding, other bills, LIFE, and a coming baby, his expenses have skyrocketed. now, with only one income, he has earned the right to be worried.

the wig. . . .

so r they just making fun of izzie's wig so much because it's the actresses real hair? if so that was pretty funny, but if not, i think it looks cute =P lol

Mother and son??

I loved "Thorny" in this role. And Barbeau. And I agree, I wish they would do more follow up on the patients. Sometimes, for me, the end of a situation is not the end of my interest in that person, or the family.

Yang? With Kids?

Always awkward isn't it? I can't tell if I like it (occasionally) or hate it. Haha.