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anyone get sad at episode were they pull two off a pipe.

Baby sex change

When Callie and Arizona are talking in the nursery the baby they stop at the card says "is a girl at " and after Callie leaves, Arizona looked down and said something and the card says " is a boy".

Alex never stops screaming!

When Alex opens the door of the trailer and sees the bear, he screams like a little girl. That was my favortite moment of this episode. I laughed so hard.

Dr. Sloan and his implant patient....

LOL!!! no way. He only identified 'cause he had his noodle broken that one time. Now THAT was funny! wasn't it?

Meredith's Lips

Has she pumped those things up?? They look awful....thats okay, not a huge fan of her anyway.

the waddle

LOL did anyone else notice Meredith waddling?! While she was walking back and forth, she was waddling. Funny to see how they are trying to hide the pregnancy


How AH-some is the Callie and Arizona relationship this season!!!! I absolutely love watching them every thursday even if it is only for 5 mins every week. Go Jessica and Sara for fantastic on screen chemistry! Oh does anyone know any spoilers about them in the upcoming episodes? I heard that Callie's dad will be returning with a priest to try and break Calzona. But Idk if thats true, anyone know?

Surgical Residents' Salaries

Sooo Izzie says early in the episode to Alex, "We barely make 30 grand a year!" which makes absolutely no sense. Even first year residents average $45,000 a year in the U.S., so Izzie and Alex together would have no financial problems. Same goes for the interns...why are they so worried? They're DOCTORS...they will always find jobs... trying to make them easier to relate to in times of recession is good I guess, but not very realistic to me!

Meredith's stomach

Did anyone else notice that the shot of meredith's fake stomach before her liver surgery looked like that of someone who had lost a ton of weight. It was covered in stretch marks...bizarre. I have no idea why it would appear that way. Anyone...thoughts???


Really?Do you think killing the father would have been shocking? They already killed both of their moms on the show. Killing the dad would have been overkill.