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Arizona kicks Butt!

Ok Arizona and Callie were awesome in this episode...can't wait to see what they have in store 4 them in the future!!!!!! can you??

Oh, Izzie!

Ya, its like she's blaming Alex which is bs. I'm thinking because this cuts all ties that she my be getting her wish of being written out of the show? Just a thought. People! People! This is a dramatic story! Offering "advice" to Izzie is just plain silly. Stories need conflict. If Izzie and the others always made the right choices, the smart choices and the "mature" choices, there would be nothing to watch.

Do you miss Burke too?

Seriously, I was floored when Christina said that. Thank you Shonda! I would love to have Burke back and miss his character greatly on the show. I love that this was actually addressed. I do think Burke was way more supportive of Christina's career than Hunt is. Regardless of their relationship, if she was the best then he allowed her to scrub in. Christina's breakdown was really upsetting. I totally understand her frustrating. She's an amazing doctor and surgeon, yet she's being treated like crap. I hope things look up for her soon.


omg did katherine Heigl leave the show????!!! I thought they they told us before the season started that she wasn't leaving? I can't beleive they fired Izzie! And those new doctors really are not nice. I thought at least one of them would endear themselves to me but they are horrible. Especially the part when they took over George's cubby and the guy who called izzie his bitch. Not cool.