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6.06 wasn't it obvious?

that was too obvious!!1 about the soot in her throat!! I wanted it to be like a load of little steps!!! oh well... Anyone agree? Don't get me wrong the episode was well-constructed but the answer was obvious


does anybody know what song was playing, whole alex & izzie were fighting in the gallary? people are people and sometimes we change our minds, i cant breathe without you, but i have to.

Metric - Blindness

The opening song is Metric's Blindness!!! Any other Metric fans out there? I was positively ecstatic to hear this! As soon as I heard it I new Grey's was gonna be awesome and gee was it ever!! Sang along to it too

The burned blonde Kid

Is he Jack from scrubs?? I think he really looks like him

Will they keep the 3 other doctors from Mercy West?

Will nose dive and the two others become part of the main cast? Or are they just making part time appearances?

Nuva Ring Commercials

IS it just me or are they EXTREMELY irritating? They're just as annoying as Latisse commercials,and THAT'S saying something.

Do you think they get it??

This show accurately depicts surgeons and doctors' personalities: ego, just want to cut, think they are always correct about everything, and do not care about the person but just how "good" the injury is. Makes me sick. I hate doctors. Don't be a doctor if you don't like people. Oh, and people who go to school to become nurses....don't do it because it's a 4 day a week job with good pay. All the nursing students I talk to get C's and B's. I'm scared to go to a doctor or hospital. Seriously. You have to go into healthcare because you like the subject and want to be a good nurse or doctor. It makes me sick thinking of all the people incompetent nurses kill by forgetting to turn machines on. Now that's scary. Happy Halloween all year round!!