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song at the very end of tonights episode??

the VERY last song played, when the Chief was at the bar. please lemme know! :)

Music in epsiode 9?

Can't find it online yet, and I'd love to know which songs were used in this episode. Does anyone here know? "You cannot find peace by avoiding life"

Last song in last nights ep?

Anyone know the last song in the nov 12th episode?


does anyone know the songs!?!!?

last song in episode 9 season 6?

does anyone know?

Bailey's Arm Rub

I wondered why the camera focused on Bailey's rubbing the Chief's arm at 11:50 and my mind jumped to "Ew. They'd better not be hooking these two up." So relieved to have Chief's wife jump to that conclusion just a moment later. Bailey deserves better and younger, SHOW! Don't go there.

Richard's drinking, Owen's new interest, Izzie and Alex

Hopefully Izzie doesn't leave. I like her erratic sunny behavior. She's such a heartbreaking character. Either you love her or you hate her.

Who is sick of Izzy??

I used to love Izzie she used to be loving and compassionate but now she is leaving Alex and then ignoring him when she comes back and blackmailing the chief like he doesn't have enough problems, and she is going off on Christina and Meredith when they are just trying to help. She is turning into my least favorite character