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When will Season three come out on here?

When will the season three episodes be on sidereel??? If you have any info or know where I can watch them and when plz email me at washmaanwar@yahoo.com!!!

Does anyone know where to find these episodes?

I have looked everywhere for 1x21 (Red Herring), 1x23 (In too deep), 1x24 (Love potion #9), and 1x26 (a twist in the tail (or whatever it's called)). I've managed to find all of the others, and i've been looking all over for these 4 episodes. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thank you!

Where all the videos??

Ok, so there used to be videos of H2O: Just Add Water...but they've all totally disappeared. What gives? Anyone know what happened to them? And I've checked out Nick's site and they only have certain episodes...not the ones I actually want to see(season 2 episodes). Please, if anyone has any info on this at all, let me know a.s.a.p.!! Thanks a bunch!

what if one of the girls parents found out in the 3rd season?

I know it might make it too easy for the girls but i was wondering if anyone else was thinking the same thing. I know cleos sister would probably tell and her dad would definitely tell her sister. Emma's parents might be ok with it but her brothers young and might expose them over a little fight but he does seem more mature than kim so maybe he would keep it a secret. Rikki's dad isnt shown too much so i cant be sure how he would react but he seems nice and after getting over the shock he might just help them. Let me know what you guys think about how each girls parents and siblings would react.


Okay so i have to rant a little. I hate Charlotte she was psycho and she made a really bad mermaid. also she wasnt meant to be a mermaid her grandmother became a mermaid by mistake just like the Cleo, Emma, and Ricky. Also she got all three powers because she was the only one in the pool when she became a mermaid. Im curious as to what other fans of H2O thought of Charlotte and when they first began to hate her. i hated her the second i saw the way she looked at Lewis lol.

Season threes entrance

does anyone know the date season three it supposted to come out? i know sometime in january of 2009, but does anyone know what date in january?

Photo Site?

I wanted to know if there were any Australian photo sites like there are in the US. For example the US has photobucket, flickr, etc. So I wanted to know if Australia has an Australian photo site like photobucket (where you upload pics to and etc). Do they?

Hey do u no were i can read h20 just add water stories besides fanfiction? plez tell me thnx if u do

Hey do u no were i can read h20 just add water stories besides fanfiction? plez tell me thnx so muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

When is it coming to the US?

Hey does anyone know when the first season on DVD comeing out in the US? I have been looking Forever and it is still not there? any info plz write! thx

can someone plezzzzzzzzz comment on my website