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Comment Please

Hi everyone i posted a link on the first episode of Hannah Montana Forever.

Season 3 Ep 25

So when exactly does Hannah Montana Season 3 Episode 5 come out? It's been a couple of weeks. And I'm trying to get a clue when Hannah Montana Season 3 resumes back.

Should Obama's Daughters Appear on Hannah Montana?

Our SideReel Gets Political feature may have concluded last week (so be sure to check out this week's Cancellation Danger Zone feature), but that doesn't mean that there aren't important lingering questions. For example, should Barack Obama's daughters guest star on Hannah Montana ? The show has extended an offer to them - and the girls are reportedly big fans of the show. The question is, however...is this a good decision for the Obama family? Hannah Montana (*cough* Miley Cyrus) hasn't always gotten positive, family-friendly press and furthermore, it would be thrusting the two young girls directly into the limelight in a media-crazy country. What do you guys think? Source: Yahoo News

No Sugar, Sugar

Hey you guyz! I'm not a big fan of Hannah Montana (the show) And I am not a fan of Miley at all! (sorry to everyone who does like her but we all have our opinions so plz don't be mean. :) ) But I have been waiting for the Episode No Sugar, Sugar The Tv said it would be on but a different episode came on. So if anyone knows where i can watch it or when it will be airing please reply to this! Thanks, sonZiZZle

I was just wondering...

When does series 3 come out (if there is one?) I think this is an okay show, but not worth the HUGE hype about it.


Why do people add the bad pges also when it doesnt even work and why do some of the shows have to be in itunes and...... its very annoying instead of side reel it should be riiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhttttt reel coz seriously you cant watch so well i agree to this but i dunno about you