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Something about Harper's island

How many of you guys around here have seen Harper's island ? Did you like it ?? I personally feel that its a great show, with lots of twists and turns, it gives the viewers an edge of the seat experience . I wonder if there would be another season .

where is 12

where is 12 they only have 13 up

FINALE SPOILERS - Who do you wish had survived?

--------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------- Spoilers So Harper's has come and gone. And I, for one, didn't get it right until the last episode. I thought the killer was Maggie, Beth, Nikki, JD. Everyone except Jimmy (yeah I was right - red herring baby) and Henry (... oops). And while I looooved the show did anyone else consider the killings a bit .. excessive. I mean. I get it. It's a mystery about a homicidal psychopath but only FOUR survivors? I feel like they only spared Madison and Shea because they can't kill a child on cable tv, and killing Shea would leave her completely on her own. Essentially everyone Abby and Jimmy grew up with, everyone they were friends with is dead. I kind of felt like maybe it went overboard. Certain characters needed to die, yes. The Sherriff, JD, Cole Harkin, etc. Even Cal and Chloe's deaths served a purpose. Characters like Richard, Katherine, Trish's dad and Hunter, sure. The minister, Maggie, Nikki and Kelly Seaver less so. And I was really rooting for Danny or Sully to survive. Particularly Danny who was really great guy, and Sully who made such a turn-around. He went from being gung-ho about abandoning Madison to healing Cal and dying for Henry. This is who I wished had survived and escaped Jimmy Abby Sully Danny Madison Trish And some of the random locals they kept throwing in the mix. I wanted Trish to survive just to see what her reaction to Henry's ultimate betrayal would be. Shock, outrage, hurt. It had real potential. But she'd have to pull it together to take care of the orphaned Madison. At the end I couldn't help but hope that after Jimmy and Abby escaped they'd run into the wounded but living Sully. Anyway. Did you think the killings were a bit excessive and who do you wish had survived?


iam totally confused earlier on this week i noticed that harper's island was on my tv schedule then nearer sat it went off my tv schedule then it came back yesterday and even more confusing hung was advertised as 2 episodes now it's only one side reel what are you trying to do make me screwier than i already am

Wakefield's child

I think, it is still possible that Wakefield's Kid is not the same person as the one who helps him... What do you think about Madison? Why was he nice to her? Is she his grandchild? Could her mother be adopted? I mean, we never got any information about her backround... Maybe the Wellingtons never told their daughters the truth? Could be a reason why Trish was always her fathers darling... And by the way: What happened to the Islanders (the village is empty)? So what do you think?

Spoilers: damn it...I KNEW IT!...but i still hate it

okay, so we knew for a while that wakefield wasn't working alone and were suspicous about jimmy for the last several episodes but i stiiiiiiiiill hope that he's not a killer. i mean, isn't it too obvious? wakefield didn't kill him, the file, etc...isn't it too early to tell us viewers who the real assistant is? jimmy is my favorite character in the show and i would hate to see him as the bad guy. the scene with the gun in the car could also just been honest worry about trish sleeping with a loaded gun...we don't have 100% proof. so we have 2 possibilities: 1. jimmy is wakefield's kid and knows about it + kills with his dad 2. jimmy is wakefield's kid, has his own criminal file (for minor crimes in his past) + doesn't know about his father so they all suspect him in the end but it's someone else. okay and a third one would be: it's got something to do with trish. maybe she's wakefield's child. by the way: saddest and best scene in this series so far: cal and cloe...the moment he died and when she jumped i had tears in my eyes...i really liked them.

recent episode of harpers island

can any one tell me why the lateset episode of harpers island was shown on thurs and not sat

Ultimate Plot Revealed

There's only 4 episodes left on Harper's Island and it seems like we still have no clues as to who the killer could be. It's obviously none of the people that are already dead. So which of the remaining 16 people could be the killer? My best bet is Henry. He has the perfect reason to do it. He wants to get back at Abby. Henry and JD's parents died in an explosion. What if it was the same explosion that Wakefield was accused of? Wakefield intended to kill the sheriff in that explosion because the sheriff was with Abby's mom, but he didn't die. But many other people did die - Henry's parents included. So now Henry wants out to Abby. Ofcourse, there's no way he could do it himself. He needs help. So I think he;s most likely getting help from Maggie and /Nikkie. And he's gonna make Abby's father look like the killer and make him commit suicide. This is the most reasonable solution I've come to. What do you think?

where is episode 9!?

it aired on Thursdayspiri night in Canada, and usually it is up by late Thursday night. I cannot find episode 9 anywhere else! Any suggestions when it will be up/ where?

And the Killer is.....

Spoiler alert!!! do not read this if you haven't seen episode 9 (seep) it will ruin it for you ************************************************ *************************************************** *************************************************** _________________________________________________________ so from the beginning, I have suspected Sheriff Mills, and as the episodes go on He seems like the likely suspect, what if Wakefield never was a murderer? what if it was the sheriff all the while? this would make sense, the scene of abby running away and then her dad appears beside her at the tree? how did he get there so fast? and how did he find it without her calling him? or maybe she called him and Im sorely mistaken, so what are your thoughts? is the sheriff another red herring? or is he the killer? my other suspects are Booth (see 10 little Indians for reference as to why) ie the killer ended up being someone that was already dead (that killed hisself) Jimmy and Henry are also up there on the suspect list, but i really don't want it to be Jimmy as I have fallen in love with the character. and then there is the wedding planner she also is suspect..... but then this series may be the first unpredictable series Ive ever watched...I'd be stoked if they surprise me Anyways I just wanted some disscussion around this, see if Im right or wrong, do you all agree or disagree with me???