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Hawaii Five-O Review: "Nalowale"

We got a new look at the Five-O team this week on "Nalowale," as emotions were exposed due to a kidnapping case that impacted members of the team in different ways. It was great to Jean Smart as the Governor again, as she is a wonderful actress and showed a lot of heart in the episode. My only wish is that the show had expanded her relationship with the girls a little bit more because you could tell she was close to them. To what extent? That was hard to determine. To Read More Click Here.

Hawaii Five-O 1.05 “Nalowale” Review

Holy guest stars, Danno. This episode of  Hawaii Five-O  is a winner in my book automatically, because it’s chock full of people I’ve missed on TV. There’s the long-awaited first appearance of Masi Oka as the medical examiner, Max Bergman – but there’s also a short list of other familiar names: Kyle Secor  (Homicide: Life on the Street ), Jacqueline McKenzie ( The 4400 ), and Wood Harris  (The Wire ). It’s a TV nerd’s delight. Oka’s Max is an entertaining character, reminding me of  Chicago Hope ‘s Dr. Jeffrey Geiger (and not just because they both play the piano and are socially awkward). I’m glad that he’ll be a recurring presence. Secor and McKenzie play the victim’s parents, and I’m likewise glad to see them both back on television. Harris is their security consultant, and he’s perfectly poised to butt heads with everyone, without coming off as a complete jerk. The show makes good use of all their talents. Yet even with a great roster of guest stars, the show is still on the ball when it comes to where it left its main cast. Perhaps it’s a minor detail, but I appreciate that Danny’s still utilizing his cane and hasn’t magically healed his knee; as much as I love  Nikita , I had to shake my head at how Michael could be shot in the pilot and fine the next week. To Read More  Click Here.