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'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Who Will Win Season 14?

Hell's Kitchen concludes its 14th season by crowing a winner tonight. Will it be Meghan Gill, the executive chef from Roanoke, Virginia, or T Gregoire, the line cook from Atlanta, Georgia? It could be anyone's game as both contestants have earned their right to be in the finale.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-who-w-56696.aspx

'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Who Will Be Sent Home in Week 7?

It seems that as the weaker and less skilled chefs in the kitchen are being sent home, the pressure for the remaining chefs to perform well continues to build. Last time on Hell's Kitchen , we saw just how that pressure affected each individual separately, with Meghan in particular lashing out at her teammates with major attitude and increasingly short patience. As the competition grinds down, the slightest mistake can have the chefs turning in their jackets, like Brendan learned in the previous episode -- they can't afford to make any mistakes on Hell's Kitchen .   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-who-w-56199.aspx

'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Who Will Be Sent Home in Week 6?

First of all, last time I had it narrowed down to Monique and Bret, and I just had to go with the wild card, didn't I? But as luck would have it, Monique was finally sent packing on Hell's Kitchen , leaving the women's team short one more chef than the men's, but with still one remaining weak link -- Christine. As for the blue team, my controversial pick, Bret, may be a loose cannon when it comes to managing his emotions, but in the kitchen he has proven to not be a total dunce, as he helped his team to complete a full dinner service.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-who-w-56142.aspx

'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Week 5 Elimination

As the competition starts to dwindle down on Hell's Kitchen it becomes very clear where each team stands in regards to their chosen village villain. With the red team's continued winning streak, the men on the blue team began to put the pressure on one another to be at the top of each of their game, with Bret taking it upon himself to be the team's self-proclaimed leader.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-week-56082.aspx

'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Who Will Go Home in Week 4?

Last time on Hell's Kitchen , with only 16 left in the competition, the chefs were woken up and sent straight to their chilly challenge. With the Red team's winning momentum pushing them onward and upward, they were able to clinch the win in the fish challenge despite a minor hiccup in the first half. However, it turned out a nice respite from the prep work in the kitchen to catch some waves on the beach wasn't enough to keep them from crumbling under the pressure of Gordon Ramsay and dinner service.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-who-w-56013.aspx

'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Which Chef Will Be Sent Home in Week 3?

With 17 chefs still in the kitchen, it's too early to spot any clear frontrunners, but with chefs bucking under the pressure of Hell's Kitchen , it's quite easy to spot the weak links. In the previous episode, there was a reversal of fortune, with the men's team suffering from a weak performance in the kitchen and the women's team finally finding their stride.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-which-55955.aspx

'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Which Chef Will Be Eliminated in Week 2?

With the premiere already under its belt, fans of Hell's Kitchen welcomed back 18 new chefs to the kitchen to see who will make it to the top in season 14. In the first episode, the women started off with a strong lead that quickly slipped away to give the men's team the advantage.   Although only space cadet Chrissa got the boot, there are plenty of chefs left in the mix who are standing on shaky ground. Check out my predictions on who might be leaving the kitchen next.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/hells-kitchen/hells-kitchen-prediction-which-55893.aspx

the French Chef, Phillip Blaze

There was a Ramsay TV show where he helps restaurants not go out of business, forgot the name but I;m here typing with a headache {!}, anyway there was an episode with a French chef, if I am spelling his name correctly it was Phillip Blaze. Maybe since he's French I should spell it "Phillipe" , ? He reminded me of David Bowie and I have a crush on him. Does anyone know anything about him ? thanks-

Episode 8 Inconsistent footage: TECH

Did anyone notice that around the fifty minute mark while Chef Ramsey is yelling at Amanda about the raw fish that Tech is across from them cooking? Meanwhile she was eliminated two or more weeks ago.

Red team sends no food out

Man that episode was so freaking creepy when the red team did not send any food out