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Im So mad

Im so mad that LA got kicked off this week, shes my favorite cook so now it makes me not want to watch it, however I am happy that the winey ass Lacey is gone lol so now I hope carol wins :)

Sophia Bush at Hells Kitchen Premiere!

Sophia attended the Hell's Kitchen Premiere Party last week! What do you think of her outfit?

I Knew It

I knew Gordon would go for the lady. Petrozza was clearly the better cook but since Hell's Kitchen has only had one other woman win I knew they would pick a female this year. I said it at the beginning this year and it happened

The Uk one is better

Personaly i much prefer the UK version, the american chefs are terrible and the show is generaly much more cheesey and looks so cheap; such as the opening sequence where people are stood there with a giant knife, WHAT IS THE POINT!

Hell's kitchen Roxx

What a awesome show and I love it. I used to work in the dishpit and around the kitchen cleaning at closing...I loved it , it was a hotel with 195 rooms, 6/7 banquet rooms and also conference center.....I learned alot like Sous chef, chef de party and stuff like that and i loved it as well as the presentation of the meals. So that is where Hell's Kitchen came into my life in the Boomtown of Fort McMurray, Alberta and would do it all over again.