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Hell's Kitchen for life!

For those of you who do watch Hell's Kitchen, congrats! For those who don't, start watching! Some people watch it to laugh, some to be inspired, but most... to enjoy some great television! I watch it because I absolutely admire Gordon Ramsay for his dream to succeed. I love how he can push himself and others to the very limit... Just to bring out the best in himself and them. People on Hell's Kitchen may seem as if they are going to faint with exhaustion, however these television shows are edited to show people's breaking point. Gordon Ramsay is a great man, a great father, and a great person! All he wants is, perfection. His standards are sky high, which for some, are hard to achieve. Ramsay never gives up and believes that if others can do it, so can he! This is the most positive attitude towards life as well. :) Hell's Kitchen is a show which will eventually bring out the best in these cooks and help them succeed in cooking. More than that, it shows how a chef should be like. I must say, before TV shows like these came out, everyone though that chefs are fancy French people with big white hats and long mustaches. This show shows how a kitchen should be operated. I recommend it for anyone that likes actual reality TV shows. If you do, you will definitely enjoy this show as much as myself! Remember, Ramsay is doing this for a good reason! Enjoy the show! :)