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Am i the only one liking this season?

Lol Samuel is awesome in pass/fail

Lol Peter

I just thought it was kinda funny that when Emma was walking out of Peter's apartment in ep 15 he said he'd call her later and now I'm wondering if her abilities allow her to "hear" or it was a slip up or something?

more peter, less sylar

ok i know there are a lot of fans of sylar out there but don't u see that the last two season's have been mainly about him and it hasn't been working out that well. Sure he's an interesting character but he's not enough to run this show. personally i don't like him at all and i would prefer that peter once again become a lead character. after all he is a hero and this show is called heroes not villians

becoming 4400

I dont know how many 4400 fans are out there but i was a big fan and when heroes came out i was like this is similar, the whole people with abilities thing, but at the same time way different. However now that we see samuel's plot of creating a village of people with abilities it is becoming more and more of the final story line of 4400. this might be a stretch but what do you think?

Enough of Claire already!!!!

I think it is about time for Claire to go. Sylar got her healing powers eventually, so I think there is no point for her to be on the show. Because come to think of it, what else has she got to offer the show? It's all about I, me, myself with her. I thought the Parkman/Sylar episode was great, I said, finally something to look forward to, but it came back to Claire throwing a tantrum on thanksgiving because of......guess what.... she's not ordinary.... she needs somewhere to belong. Damn!, its season 4 already Claire disappear already. Whats with the deaf woman with the lights? If they need some time to develop other characters I would suggest to kill off the lame ones, especially those who have out stayed their time. Special mention to Claire!

Samuel - Destroyer of Worlds?

Maybe this is just me thinking too much into things, but in season three, the future they were trying to prevent was one where someone with abilities tore the world in two. Well this episode got me thinking that as Samuel gets his powers amped up when people with abilities are around him, surely (as was in the alternate future) when everyone on the planet has abilities, his powers would be amped up enough to tear the world in two. Could Samuel be the one responsible for that? Saying that, season three went downhill very fast and there are about 50 different plot threads left hanging from there. I doubt very much if the writers are going to pick up on them and actually give us answers. If i were them i would pretend that the whole thing never happened. Still... thoughts?

Noah's bad rap

okay so ever since from when i can remember all the people with "special" abilities have been giving Noah Bennet a bad rap for bagging and tagging them, well i dont think u need special abilities to realize that his employies were actually people with special abilities. stop knocking a guy down 4 for doing and being good at his job. just wanted to str8en the air on that tiny issue.

Peter need his full powers for this

Samuel discovers how powerful he can become; Tracy starts to lose control of her ability; Matt and Sylar's battle continues.

A thought of what might happen

So this is just me, and this may be totally off and mabye he isn't even in the right town. But after tonight's episode (Shadowboxing) what I think MIGHT happen is that since Matt/Sylar is on his way to the hospital, Peter will be there and save Matt/ Sylar with his ability, then it could all work out for Sylar since he wouldn't die and Nathan just came back to Peter. This is just me being hopeful that Sylar might go back to being the all powerful villan though, who knows i might/ am probably totally off...

Samuels Power...

Does anyone know what samuel's ability actually is?