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Heroes 'Angels and Monsters': What's the Plan?

In Heroes ' "Angels and Monsters," we got quite a few surprises - and also a couple of heroes with plans... but what are these plans, why, and how can they possibly work out? While there's plenty to wonder about, our biggies came about from the appearance of yet another Mr. Petrelli - but this time THE Mr. Petrelli! We're left to wonder what his master scheme could be since he's clearly behind a lot of craziness going on! We're also left wondering what the plans are for others like Hiro who stabbed Ando, Adam Monroe who disappeared, and how these guys will encounter Linderman, Matt Parkman's papa, or maybe Mr. Petrelli. So what do you think Hiro, Adam, and Mr. Petrelli have planned? Read the full review of this episode: Heroes: Who's Who in 'Angels and Monsters?' Photo courtesy of seat42f.com