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(Don't) Save The Cheerleader?

I hope it's not just me anymore, but I hope this season Claire is the one to be kicked out of the show, and after watching the previous episode "Once Upon A Time In Texas", I think I know the best way to get rid of her! Just hide her in time, sometime far into the future, then Heroes will get interesting again. What's the use of a power when all you do is show it to people? I swear that's all Claire Bennet does nowadays, that or have someone fancy her, or moan about wanting a normal life. Boring! On a lighter note, last episode showed the writers are really not finished with this yet, I'm excited for next Monday already. Sounds like a Peter Petrelli episode again, which can only mean one thing, more sound power! That, or Nathan-Sylar will discover his power for blowing things up and destory half the carnival!