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Hetalia: World Series Episode #30 Anime Review

While I definitely like the World War II era for the show, when it deals with the modern day events such as the G8 meetings, it adds an extra bit of fun. With their pasts and confrontations in mind, seeing how they all sort of work together and get jabs in where they can is a extra special. The G8 meeting this time around talks a bit about dropping excess weight from the group, eyeing someone in particular, but mostly it's all about the way they get silly while trying to get things accomplished. Thankfully, even though this meeting takes place in Italy, Italy himself is very distracted by a cat he's playing with, which helps the meeting progress a bit more than it would otherwise. There's some cute moments with Sweden as he's all staid and true which keeps him from being accessible. But what makes the episode even more adorable than it should be is the inclusion of a Nekotalia short. Having the cats as countries dealing with events within a neighborhood, figuring out how to deal with tuna and so ofrth is just beyond cute. Japan cat alone takes the cake here with his attempts at stopping a ban on canned tuna, but it's all good for him in the end. The kitty versions are pretty mild here but they're just so, so adorable. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a whole line of Nekotalia plushies and toys. They're just so marketable. Source Here: //www.mania.com/hetalia-world-series-episode-30_article_126026.html

Hetalia: World Series Episodes #26-29 Anime Review

When the show shifts back to the original main trio of characters, I do find myself smiling more. So when this batch opens with Japan hanging out with Italy and Germany, there's a lot to like. Japan ends up getting put through some intense training as Germany wants him in tip top shape and ends up not liking just about everything that Japan does when it comes to food and exercise. With Japan being fairly old and not even remembering how many birthday's he's separated, having his medical report come across wrong and being put into such a regimen is definitely fun to watch. Much as is watching Italy narrate a small story about cats who have nationalistic aspects to them, taking the whole Hetalia gag to another level. Germany gets an interesting episode in addition to this as he's got a problem after dealing with Japan in that he's unable to have a beer in his presence now. His older brother can't believe it, nor can anyone else, and they do their best to push it on him and get him to drink. I think this is the first time we've seen his older brother and he definitely is amusing in how he deals with his younger brother and the statements about how beer is simply the blood that runs through a good German's veins. What makes the whole ordeal even worse, especially for Germany, is that Italy is the one that points out the foolishness of it all in how they're approaching their diet and exercise changes. And that only reinforces what they're doing since they can't be seen backing down, especially from something that Italy has pointed out. The focus on Germany is particularly strong in this batch as we also see him dealing with Austria a bit as he's still essentially freeloading at his place. Austria's aloof style continue to be very amusing when played in contrast to Germany and his brash outwardness, especially as he starts to have an influence on Germany and you see him getting all serene and sophisticated. Having France show up in the midst of an argument they're having puts them on the same side for a bit and it only serves to once again highlight a side of Austria that he doesn't want seen, especially as it was England who sent him off there to spy. Austria can be so decidedly cute at times that it's too much. Source Here

Hetalia: World Series Episodes #21-25 Anime Review

Hetalia's moving around the various points in time can make it for a fun show, though confusing if they aren't clear when certain things are taking place. This batch of episodes takes us back to 1902 when England was doing what he could to make some new friends and re-establish friendships elsewhere as he's concerned about how Germany and America are becoming more powerful. He does try to make friends with Germany first, but England is simply so tense and frantic at times that he's not able to approach people easily. When he visits Japan though, it's a bit different after the first introduction since Japan comes across as so calm and peaceful, which puts England at ease for a bit. Unfortunately, Japan has a boss who wants him to be friends with Russia instead and that goes to cutely complicate things. Watching the two of them and the various back and forth that comes up is pretty amusing, especially when England starts teaching him some English. Japan's writings are a quick bit at the end of one episode, but there's a whole lot of hate in there for America from him which surprises England. Similarly amusing is when we see that Germany has been assigned to take care of Austria for awhile and bring him into his home. The orders, which Germany can't ignore, are even more priceless as it gives him the okay to beat him up. Such an assignment really gets to Italy though who doesn't want Austria to be annexed and has to watch Germany storm into Austria's place to do it. What's surprising to everyone is that Austria seems pretty cool with it, which is strange considering the fights that had gone on before involving Hungary. The show spends some time in this arc dealing with Romano and Spain who are getting along pretty well while out on a walk with each other. Unfortunately, Romano gets pretty much abducted by Turkey who looks positively comical like this and certainly threatening to the child Romano. Little Romano in this form is so adorable and cute, especially with Turkey basically tormenting him and just holding him up with one hand. Spain's attempts to rescue him are even more amusing though as he has a bull go riding in to help out and he stands up strong to Turkey, who is actually pretty powerful at this stage of history. Spain comes across as pretty manly throughout this and it does a lot to elevate his position overall.

Hetalia: World Series Episodes #16-20 Anime Review

One aspect I like to the show is the various incarnations of Italy we have, with the Holy Roman Empire, Romano and Italy itself, all of which have very different personalities. I like the stories about 'grandpa' that Italy comes up with at times and some of the history pieces we've seen and Italy himself is one of my favorites, if not my favorite, whether he's in his normal pasta loving form or his chibi form. Romano is the one that feels a bit odd at times with how he acts and reacts to things, but there's a nice little nod here as to how he doesn't quite fit in with the other two. There are similarities across all three of them though, but it's easy to understand why Romano isn't sure he's really a part of this family at times. One angle that I've enjoyed from the series is the way the 'weaker' countries are often portrayed in their relationships with the bigger ones. That crops up again here as Finland and Sweden have hit the open road in order to get away from Denmark because of how they're afraid of him. Finland's kind of meek in general but he's even more nervous when he realizes that Sweden isn't what he expected, especially with that deep serious voice and a scary look that leads to what you can easily imagine is many viewing as the start of the show hitting the yaoi circuit in the fanfics. And it works too, considering the nature of both of them and the depiction of how Sweden is. Sweden's gruff style is a lot of fun to watch as he gets out further into the world and meets others like Latvia where everyone is simply afraid of him because of appearance alone. Read More Click Me!

Hetalia: World Series Episodes #11-15 Anime Review

Hetalia plays with the inter-country relationships pretty well in general and this batch of episodes starts off with the good bit of fun where China wants to get in on the manufacturing game by duplicating what Japan does so they all gain. That leads to a brief lecture that really does come down to a whole lot of blah blah blah to the ears of many. Italy's older brother is doing his best to get him ready for things that are happening and shows him the best ways to appear non-threatening, which isn't hard at all. Italy's starting to rub off on others though and seeing Germany realize that Japan may become useless because of this is very amusing. Japan calling out the key phrase of Pasta! is almost required viewing. When the show dabbles more seriously in the past, it's both amusing and al ittle chilling as you wonder how things will play out in this form. Prussia's grudge against Austria is getting more pronounced and we see the royalty of Austria dealing with the situation as a carrier bird has brought the warning. The brief history lesson is definitely useful as it's done in a cute narrated way that sets the stage nicely as well, and explains away the tensions that everyone is feeling. There's a definite cowardice among many though about getting into this fight since they all have other things to do that are music related. The results of it, with Austria in uniform, faces off against everyone who pretty much look like they came with a pitchfork mentality. Read More Click Me!

Hetalia: World Series Episodes #01-10 Anime Review

After a rather enjoyable first two season, Hetalia returns with yet another season, entitled World Series, which brings us more wacky hijinks with history and countries as characters playing off of each other. The whole concept, with its origins in the web comics to manga and to the original anime, simply struck a chord with me and proved to be a lot of fun, even if it does seem a bit toned down and mainstreamed for the anime incarnation. The first two seasons spent the bulk of their time dealing with World War II issues and settings which is definitely a lot of fun because of the way everyone antagonizes each other, but they also played it well with some small segments taking place in the present and others that went far into the past, particularly with Italy and Holy Roman Empire. The first ten episodes of the World Series season essentially pick up where we left off before and runs with the same kind of humor, which is definitely a plus. Why change a winning combination, especially with it all working within the five minute timeframe. A bit more history is brought into it as Japan gets a most amusing education about how Sparta operated, with its immense amount of nakedness, which is something that really throws off Japan in a way that's amusing. The two are pretty good friends as Greece becomes a bit more of a player in the game, particularly as the two have a similar laid back and almost slow approach to things. Greece takes it a few extra steps, when you take into account the not necessarily lazy attitude but the more sleepy mindset, and it makes a certain amount of sense considering the lengthy known history of the country and how outgoing it all was for so many centuries. Read More Click Me!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #49-52 Review

Some of the more interesting moments of the series is when the various characters visit each other in their home countries. Japan's at the point where it's about to achieve "cultural enlightenment" and France has come to visit him. Even his charms work there, though you could expect them to fall flat, as his showy style appeals to the women he sees. Japan is trying to hide from everything, though eventually he's drawn out into the world and even tries to pull off some of France's moves to little effect. France has quite the sense of humor though as he completely messes with Japan at times, leading him to an embarrassing situation or two. Japan doesn't get just a visitor from France either as America has shown up to teach Japan a new game. The arrival of foreigners in Japan continues to be amusing since they stand out so much and the reactions of the people vary between wary but curious and somewhat openly flirtatious, though that's more with France. America introduces Japan to the game of table-turning, or a very basic version of the Ouija board, which doesn't exactly thrill Japan. But they get down to business and ask questions which ends up showing the naivety of Japan in some ways when dealing with the outside world. The game does turn to Japan opening up more to America though and they're slowly becoming better friends since Japan shows some emotions and deep thoughts with him. It's hard for Japan though, especially when you realize that there is the huge age difference between the two characters. It's an interesting period for Japan as he deals with the change from a closed country to one dealing with foreign countries and it's presented in a far too cute way here. Read More Click Me!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #45-48 Review

First meetings between countries/characters are always interesting and we get another rof those as Liechtenstein thinks back to when she met her big brother, Switzerland. It came at a time when Liechtenstein was almost ending as a country because of the depression, but the equally poor Switzerland helped her out as he couldn't leave her in such a state, giving her food and shelter that he barely had himself. Liechtenstein wasn't aware of this at first but she adored him for what he did to help her, something that only increased afterwards. The small episode, which is kept rather quiet and subdued, does a nice job of showing how some of them look after each other, especially a tiny country like Liechtenstein which at the time after World War I had barely 10,000 people to its name. When the show shift backs to the World War II era, welcome after the recent excursions, it brings us back to many of the regulars, including an amusing opening where Italy's about to get run over by a tank and Germany panics pretty severely. What that shifts into is showing the long history between France and England and some of their more egregious issues, including the time spent back in the 11th century where France's style of long hair was considered the in thing to have. England's attempts to gain long hair isn't easy considering the religious side that's after him, but his hard work has some payoff but not in the way he had hoped. It's so adorable watching France help England with his hair, combing and treating it so that it looks good. The two have their rivalries, but when they work together it's very, very cute. Read More Click Me!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #41-44 Review

Watching the countries of Hetalia engage in psychological games is very amusing as they aren't exactly the sharps tacks in the box. America's boss comes up with some doozies by intending to decrease morale in Japan by painting Mt. Fuji red only to realize that it's a damn big place. Even worse is when he has America order up a large box of extra small condoms from Russia not really realizing just how small twenty-five centimeters is. Other countries get involved in it as well with France and so forth causing trouble and even England spreading rumors to Italy, but performing psychological warfare on Italy is like shooting fish in a barrel when the fish is actually a whale. Russia hasn't had too big of a role in the series but it gets expanded a bit in this batch as we're introduced to his two sisters, Ukraine and Belarus. They're polar opposites in terms of personalities with one lighthearted and fun and the other being scarily intense to the point where the whole room is dragged down with her. Ukraine's bounciness is positively hilarious though as it's all in her chest and some of it seeps into her head for her personality. She's even accentuated by a bouncing sound whenever she does anything even when not in the room as you can hear the bounce from far away. Belarus has a sort of horror movie feel to her with the quasi-royalty outfit that almost has her looking like a maid in some ways. With the long hair and dour look, she has a very meek aura about her until she goes psycho with a very low voice and intense presence, especially when she goes on about marrying Russia. There's a little epilogue about how the two sisters are in the present day which only adds to their cuteness. Read More Click Me!

Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #37-40 Review

The lead-up to World War II has some interesting moments as we see here as Russia and Germany are becoming friends and Russia's coming over for a visit. Germany's trying to get his house in order to little effect while mostly trying to make sure they have some vodka on hand for their guest. Russia on the other hand is spending all his time trying to figure out the best outfit to wear for it and agonizing over it. All of this plays out as Italy overhears that his allies are intending to leave him out of something so he's panicking over that, especially as his older brother sagely says that it's a wise thing to do in war in order to win. Italy's meekness only continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The bond between Italy and Germany is what's strengthened by this idea of Russia visiting as Italy writes a letter to Germany that only he can understand which is pretty significant in and of itself. The words that Italy sent him do have an impact and he sets out to make sure that Italy understands just how strong their relationship is by creating a pact together in the early days of 1939. Amusingly enough, it's a pact that's essentially signed in the form of a pinky swear over eating some really good sausage that Germany had made for him. The two have so many cute moments together with their very different personalities and approaches to things that it just makes me smile over and over. Read More Click Me!