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Hidamari Sketch Season 1 Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers) Based on the four panel comic by Ume Aoki, released as Sunshine Sketch by Yen Press in the US, Hidamari Sketch is a twelve episode series with two OVAs that follow it. The original comic ran in a seinan magazine and the show itself plays in the realm of the mildly cute while avoiding anything really tantalizing when it comes to the fanservice. A lot of four panel comics have been adapted into anime over the years with different approaches. Some expand events out to entire episodes while others do a series of relatively short cut scenes that sometimes have threads that tie it all together. Hidamari Sketch reminded me of Lucky Star without the geekiness and a bit more relaxed. The central focus of the show is on a group of high school students attending the Yamabuki Art high school. The main focus is on their various artistic sides but they attend general classes as well, though it's very rare that we see anything related to that. By and large it's about the kids as they deal with their classes and life in general. The stories are fairly mundane and without the geek aspect, it's the kind of show where you feel you're getting a bit of an honest glimpse at part of what a student in this life would actually be like. It's fairly simple as we see them living on their own in an apartment complex across from the campus with two of them freshman and another two of them having been there for a year or more so they play the role of upperclassman. To Read More Click Me!