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Lily not appearing?

what happened to her? from the epi, it sounds like she had a fight with the gang. did i miss something?

TV Bromances: Who's the Funniest of Them All? - Featured

Bromances lend themselves so well to hilarious, awkward, and adorably comical moments that we find some of our best bromances in our favorite comedies, some of which were included in SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Bromances ! So of the comedy bromances below and any we've missed, who do you think is the funniest bromance of them all? Friends - Joey & Chandler Scrubs - JD & Turk 30 Rock - Tracy & Kenneth The Office - Michael & Dwight How I Met Your Mother - Ted & Barney & Marshall Psych - Shawn & Gus Chuck - Chuck & Morgan Flight of the Conchords - Bret & Jemaine Seinfeld - Jerry & George Family Guy - Stewie & Brian The Big Bang Theory - Leonard & Sheldon Entourage - Eric & Vince King of the Hill - Hank & Dale

Top Ten Barney Moments

10. Barney's March Madness Bracket..."How are we even discussing this, It's fake baby." 9. Signs up for the Matchmaker under the alias Jack Package. "Actually its pronounced Pac-kodge." 8. Barney steals Ted's moving van and the subsequent top ten names he would of named the van if ted had not been a jerk and taken it back. "Wannabang-o" 7. Barney wont put his fist down til someone gives him a bump. "Pretty please, no one has to know" 6. The Naked Man 5. Barney gets "Lemon Lawed." 4. Barney gets slapped by Marshall which is followed by Marshall's "You Just Got Slapped" song. "What is that feeling, thats put you in your place, a hot red burning on the side of your face." 3. Barney meets his dad(Bob Barker). 2. Barney's one man off off off broadway play. "Spoiler alert, the robot finds love." 1. Barney picks up a girl wearing his old man makeup. "I must away."

A tweet from the Barnacle?

In addition to what I was saying about audience involvement and such, does anyone think Barney will have a feature on Twitter soon? That would be legen...wait for it........dary!

Robin's News Report?

Hi everyone. Something I'm sure you've done as fans of HIMYM, is visit the websites and view the videos that the writers/producers made which break the 4th wall. I like this aspect that we can see Robin's music videos, Barney's promotional video, tedmosbyisajerk.com, Barney's blog, marshalandlillyselltheirstuff.com or something (that was the charity one). But my point is, does anyone know if there's a place (or post the link up here) to Robin's rather eventful news report that was on in the background last week? It would be unlike them not to show the full version of that with sound somewhere. Any word, let me know. I think it looked hilarious!

Who is mother? : Robin :)

I strongly feel that Robin is going to be "mother". I know that in earlier episodes Ted had told his kids about "Aunt Robin" but I Strongly feel that writers of this serial are going to bring a good twist and will bring some other Robin to be AUNT and make this ROBIN as Mother. What's your view guys.... and gals?? Dhaval Khamar

It's been a long time Barney :(

Is it me or is been a long time since Barney said "Legen..wait for it..dary"? I miss it :(

Sorry bro episode

i was really dissapointed with this episode, we didnt have much of Robin, Barney Lilly or even Marshal for most of it and it just wasnt as good as i would have liked it to have been. Just hope next weeks storylines better and we can have a little bit more of Barney.

Sidereel Podcast

i believe sidereel desperately needs a podcast , the weeks news all in like 40 minutes or so would be awesome to listen while i l travelling to and fro from my university pls anyone who thinks a podcast would be awesome reply so tht the mods would read and may think of doing this.

When are we getting new episodes?!?!?!?

it's been like 3 or 4 weeks without new episodes, does anybody know what is going on with the show?!?!