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What Would Make the Show More Awesome?

It's unfortunate that we've only seen three new episodes of How I Met Your Mother since the year began. But it's even more depressing to think that we still have to wait until March 2 before a new episode airs. To ease the wait, I've decided to brood over what would make the show even better than it already is. I've come up with four things I'd like to see more on the show. You can add yours in the comments below! * More Adventure Trips As much as I don't want How I Met Your Mother to employ sitcom cliches, I really think it would be fun to see the gang taking a trip or a vacation outside New York. Don't get me wrong. New York is a city that offers a lot of material and promising storylines, and I certainly enjoy the gang's fiascos at MacLaren's Bar and seeing their domestic lives in their respective apartments. However, it would be refreshing to see an occasional change of scenery and see what sort of misadventures the gang would get into. * More Hilariously Fashioned Words and Theories Part of why I enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother is hearing those odd phrases and theories that have become popular among fans, thanks to the brilliance of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). Just like my other favorite series, The Office , How I Met Your Mother has its own set of etymology, including baskiceball (a game with a combination of basketball, tennis and hockey), battleship (a guessing game involving ships which is also used as a metaphor for sex), and revertigo (reverting back to how they where when they were young), just to name a few. It's a staple on the show and I just can't seem to get enough of it. * More Robin-Barney Moments And I'm not referring to anything romantic even though I'd really love for these two characters to hook up. It's obvious that Barney's feelings for Robin (Cobie Smulders) will unfold gradually and it's only a matter of time before someone tells Robin or Barney cracks and comes clean. But I don't think a Barney-Robin hookup is in the cards just yet. In the mean time, I'm hoping to see more suiting up, hanging out at cigar bars, playing laser tags or whatever it is that these two can toy with. Who knows, Robin may even fall for Barney in the process. * More Relatives We've already met Ted's parents, Marshall's family of giants in Minnesota, a glimpse of Robin's father and sister, among others, and so far, all introductions of family members have been cleverly written into the canvas. As we get to know our New Yorker friends better, it would also be interesting to get to know them through their kin. This would also give the show a chance to incorporate much sought-after celebrities. Of course, I also wouldn't want the sensation and charisma of the series to be overly dependent on guest stars alone. But judging from the way past guest actors effectively compliment the cast, I'm sure that people behind the show won't have that problem. Speaking of relatives, I'm really looking forward to The Stinsons, the 15th episode of How I Met Your Mother slated to air on March 2. In this installment, we finally meet Barney's mother, who will be played by Six Feet Under's Frances Conroy. You can check out some photos in this link. What else would make the show more awesome? Source here

The Funniest Character Ever!

Who for you is the funniest character ever? Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory Hank from Californication Chuck from Chuck The whole Friends (1994) cast Jayne from Firefly Gary from Gary Unmarried Cappie from Greek Barney from How I Met Your Mother Sawyer from Lost J.D. from Scrubs Ari Gold from Entourage Dean from Supernatural ``Doug Wilson from Weeds Michael Scott from The Office Dwight from The Office Tina Fey from 30 Rock Kramer from Seinfeld Gob from Arrested Development Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm Monk from Monk note: the characters I wrote, and their way of being funny is diffrent from each other, each one has a diffrent style, what's your pick? someone else perhaps I did not mention? My personal favourite is Barney /discuss

The cast seem like nice people

Don't they seem like nice people?

Three days of snow: season finale?

Was this the season finale?

Marshmallow & Lilypad

Precious pet names and romantic rituals usually make a ridiculous relationship on set. How can they be soooo super cute and adorable, and I haven't the slightest urge to hate them? Maybe it's because Marshall so unabashedly loves Lily, like after they get married and she's wasted at the fast food joint and he's just so proud to call her his wife. And Lily, though she text's Marshall while he's in the bathroom to make sure he's ok, isn't the normal kindergarten teacher sweetie pie. She farts, chugs beer, holds the well deserved title of Slap Bet Commissioner AND doesn't mind being the 'big spoon'. With their 'daily food intake' greetings and 'crazy monkey sex' , I think they've found the perfect match of comedy and romance (with a dash of corny). My favorite endearing moment is when Marshall says to Lily, "You could have burped, you could have said yes, but the fact you both burped and said yes is the reason why I married you. I love that moment, it struck so true to me.."

why is there no listing on sidereel for this show on monday?

is it still on or does it have to miss a week for something?

Does any one have any idea who the mom will be?

i kind of hoped it was Stella or Robin because i really like them and they seem like a really good fit, any one have a theory or ideas?

Neil Patrick Harris for golden globe.

Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role In A Series, Mini-series Or Motion Picture Made For Television. A. Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother b. Denis Leary Recount c. Jeremy Piven Entourage d. Blair Underwood In Treatment e. Tom Wilkilson John Adams Source: Golden globes

Anyone else think this series is becoming exceedingly drawn out?


TV Wishes: Grey's, Lost, HIMYM and more!

My TV wishes this week: 1. End Dancing With The Stars already - Oh wait, they did that one already. Yay! Now all is needed is to end the show permanently.... 2. Skip To January - I can't possibly wait one whole month for Damages, Big Love, Scrubs and Lost. I may be able to wait for Big Love, though. 3. Where's George? - He seems to be missing from everything in Grey's even after becoming a resident. He is one, right? Even Lexi and the interns have........ Continue Reading!