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Did U Ever Think

The writers Dont Even Know who The Mother Is Yet They arent goin To Say Until The Last Eppisode r at Least The Last season Cause That Would Just Ruin The Show.......But Im not Forsure Its Just what I Think

Stella may not be the mother!!!

I was watching ep 10 of season 2 signals stamina, and if uv seen the ep then u know they talk about how couples always wana be at home together and signals can stay up late, Well in this ep at the end, at Barney bors wedding, Marshall says to Lily something like “I gotta get the wife home� witch means that there married at this point. They then go home and ask ted and Robin if they wana split a cab, and they say they got energy left and start to dance. As we havnt seen anything about Barneys bros wedding in season 3, I can only assume from this that Ted and Stella spilt up and Barney does not get with robin, or does and they split up b4 his bros wedding. Of cores this could have all of meant to be explained during the 3rd season but the writer’s strike interrupted it. Or I could just be looking way 2 far in2 the show. What u all think?

wth leaked ep

has any 1 seen that leaked ep the link i can't get it to work but is it for real or what ??????

Britney is the mother

Hey Guys, Pretty sure that Britney's the mother. When Ted goes for Ten Sessions with Stella, he impresses Britney with coffee and Britney says "You're so Ted". Note the words "So Ted". Remember at the St.Patrick's party, Ted wears a shirt that says "So Ted". Sounds stupid rite..? But we'll see... It's gonna be "LEGEN"........ wait for it.........................."DARY".

Stella is not the mother...let's drop it already

Stella is definitely not the mother. It's too obvious. Plus don't ya remember that meeting the mother has something to do with the yellow umbrella. Don't forget that Stella already has a kid.

How I met your mother

I think Stella is the mother, I think when Ted finally goes out with Stella he tell his kids that (thats your mother), but I saw this a long time ago so I might be wrong.

The Big Question

I know lots of people think that Stella might be the mother, especially after that last episode with the proposal. But we are all forgetting that Ted said the short story involved a yellow umbrella. Did his meeting with Stella involve a yellow umbrella? Nope.

background picture

I'm not sure, but I think in season 1 episode 7 'Matchmaker' the second time Ted goes to the matchmaker's office, just behind her, you can see a picture of a couple, and I'm pretty sure it's Marshall and Lily, I'm not sure though, check it out and let me know what you think about it

I doubt Stella is the Mom

I don't think Ted has met his wife yet. I think it was the girl he bumped into at the St. Patrick's Day party. It was right before he was going up to the bar to order the champaigne on that other person's credit card. Because they made a point to show that for some reason. I know Stella said she was there but they made that obvious and the kids don't have blond hair (which yes I know could be dyed) but what would do they do for a whole other season? Nahhhhhhh it's not Stella. And Stella's sister is getting married, so whomever thought of that was is wrong. Anywhoooooo, I guess we will have to "wait for it"........


where is the next episode? okey i live in Iceland so i´m sorry for my Icelandic but i´m hooked on how i meet your mother and i´ve been waiting for 3 weeks now! and they are not on television so i cant see it there!!! whats going on!